"Blindfold chess"

Years ago, I met an ex con who was a masterful chessplayer, swore he could see the game at least 7 moves ahead. Told me about guys in prison who play chess from cell to cell in their memories, just calling out the moves through notation. Playing against this guy got me thinking, and I attempted to play blindfold chess games with my brothers and friends, at one point we came up with a hand mnemonic for playong a virtual game of chess “in the air” per se.

That said, I want to take this idea further than chess, and create a shared system for multiple mnemonists to engage on a Mnemonic plane, like a video game we could engage using the same method as the brilliant chess players in prison, calling the moves from cell to cell.


I never understood how this is possible!! It seems there are so many moving pieces and how do you not mix boards up mentally. I know you can use memory techniques to memorize a chessboard but I am not sure if blindfold chess players use them hmmm haha


unbelievable, I thought it was impossible, at least because you have to remember the location of all the figures and all the combinations that can be done.


I can’t see how to not get ‘ghosting’ from past moves unless each configuration creates a unique sense of the “map” somehow.

For example, I understand that getting great chess players to recreate a board from memory works better if it looks more like an actual game, but terribly if the pieces are randomly placed or chosen.

Certain set-ups must indicate certain strategic implications to that configuration that they pick up on, which acts like a mnemonic. That would also be why some games are easy for them to recall the moves to (beyond the initial openings that they know by rote practice).

Any games where the pieces are placed, but never move? If Scrabble didn’t have the random tile selection thing, that could be done easily.

Is there a Boggle/Scrabble type game, where the random roll of the dice give the letters each turn to play to the board? Then you could use any irrational number to act as dice randomizer, just agree on which digit to begin at.

Hmm. Go doesn’t move the pieces, does it? Or if it does, are they just removals that can’t be reoccupied, perhaps?