I want to remember birthdays and other annual events. I was thinking I would create an image of the person with a birthday hat on, and then use the Dominic method to associate the day and month. Then I thought I would Memory Palace with 12 rooms and put all the birthdays and events in the room.

So that seems like a workable solution, but the point of remembering these events or birthdays is so that I can be sure that I purchase a birthday card and send it in the post on time! So I thought it would be OK just to visit the room for May in the month of May, lookup everyone’s birthday and Bob’s your uncle. However, this too has a problem. What if the birthday is on the 1st of May? I will have already missed the window of opportunity to send a card (Posting on Facebook on the day is just being lazy in my opinion)

So is there a better way? Some type of journey I could use that lets me do a sort of running bi-weekly check? Anyone done anything like this before? Any suggestions for a better system or suggestions for improvements?


Well it sound like you don’t want to remember their birthday.
You want to remember what day to send a card and that will then by force make you remember the actual birthday.
So just take the birthday dates, lower them by 2-3 days or whatever time you think it take for the card to get there in time, and use your method for that date instead.

Mine is 12th of May, so if I was your friend perhaps you would put me as 9th of May.

I believe this catches the first/last of month birthday problem you mentioned, but even if not you will always have at least three days or so to correct the system manually.


I have an object for each day 1-31 and then a colour for each month. E.g. 22 May is a blue ball, 8 February is an orange flower. I also have a location for each month and have the people with a birthday on 22nd playing ball there, people with a birthday on 8th picking flowers there etc… I have a reminder on my phone once a month to plan ahead for birthdays, and I always think about the next 5 weeks to avoid the problem you mentioned. (Of course, if you want to do that without a phone reminder, you could have a journey with 31 locations to store your tasks for each day of the month.)


My system for this is I have an image for each month.

So January is a snowman, february is cupid, march is a marching band drummer, I am April because I am born in April,… December is Santa Claus.

I then combine that with images from my 00-99 so 1 of the first 31 along with my original picture. So lets say I am trying to remember someone’s birthday on dec 23rd.

I would see that person with santa claus(maybe on Santa’s lap) asking them for a basketball for Christmas.

Michael Jordan is 23(basketball).