Biochemistry and biology memory problems

(Ibrahim Bukhari) #1

The palace I used for both of them was dark souls since I know the game and map by heart. If you know the game, then you’ll know the map is huge and is perfect for something as complicated and lengthy as biochem and bio. This was definitely a challenge since it’s a huge palace and i’m still considered an amateur at it, but, this has certainly helped me in my classes though i’m having a problem: though this helped me memorize reactions and vocabularies and i’m on my way for an A, i’m having trouble fitting functions in them. If I insert them as dialog will i be able to memorize it? Or is there a better method? I attached an example of my memory palace for biochemistry, feel free to criticize as much as possible. Lastly, my biochem professor is very particular about where his answer comes from in lecture slides, so is there a way to have like a big sign that says “This information was from this particular lecture slide?” There a lot more photos from my memory palace so feel free to request them.