Bestiary for a calendar with Saints? What do you think?

I was thinking on making a “bestiary” or “saintiary” :joy: with saints for day-month, each saint encodes a day in a year in the caledar.

For example, today 28/10 is Saint Ferruccio of Maguncia wich was a general who battled in old “galia” (don’t know how to translate) and died martyr (lots of ways to die) arround 300 AC, it has it’s unique painting and you can possibly find a church devoted to him.

What do you think? is it enough base to make a mnemonic saint calendar?

There’s a plus: it is said that temples are good memory palaces.


Something like this…?

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Yup more or less. Each day has more than one, just picking your favorite of the day, or the one more memorable church or martyr or history or God knows. I’d just focus it on martyrs and the ones that have cool churches or histories to avoid similar ones. I don’t know, maybe there are some characteristic which can be repeated every week, to make it easier to memorice.

Have you done one?

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Even as late as 30 years ago , calenders in Germany (and no doubt elsewhere on the continent) often showed the Saint for whichever day it was. A catholic thing i think. It was still not that unusual, in the deep Catholic South, to find people whose middle name was actually that of the saint whose day their birth had fallen upon. Sometimes even men with female saints as a middle name, although that really had died out long since. Some places still your ‘Saint’s Day’ was referred to as your ‘Name day’ and was celebrated like a birthday I’m told (but have never checked). The whole rural calendar was governed by the Saints of whichever period, even today Germans will talk about the ‘Ice Saints’ which is that cold snap in May if I recall or have little ‘Farmers Wisdom’ rhymes referencing the saints : “If it rains on the Seven Sleepers day, there’ll be no bloody point making hay” (the “7 Sleepers” were early Christian martyrs-dunno if they were canonized)

My point is that there are plenty of Saints to choose from and each has their own day, ‘attribute’ and area-of-influence (for example, St.Mary , Our Lady Of The Snow is the patron saint of tobacco growers). A ‘Saints PAO’ ! So if you’re up on your catholic hagiography you could come up with a cracking ‘saintry’ with no trouble.

Like the idea of using the martyrs as they tend to have very easy to remember and visualize stories…if you like blood and gore.

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I’m not a very religious person.

not long ago in Spain, the name of newborns was given IN the registry with the saint of the birth.

At least in Spain, is a common thing to be greeted on your saint day by familiars and close friends, nowadays it’s rare. Celebrating as a second birthday I’ve only read it on ultra-religious people from 40+ years ago.

There usually are about 4 or 5 per day, with strange names and unique histories, apart form the religious context and miracles and virtues attributed.

The best part of that is the Christianization of “pagan” events and places, so their background is unique from long ago. For example there a lots of Virgins of X, depending on the town and the miracle related to the town, or the pagan festivity that was converted.

If I don’t remember bad, there was a period where saints iconography showed the saints with their martyr, what’s better to remember than a good end?

hagiography, didn’t knew there was a word for that, maybe it’s time to ask to more religious acquaintances. I don’t know how they will react as it is not for devotion. Maybe it was common among medieval clerics and start inquiring from this.

Regarding PAO, I’m not very sure about that, Saints have a “preassigned” day, so there’s less work to do. How would you encode them? The only thing that comes to my mind is a hexadecimal PAO, but I don’t think is very usefull.

Glad to see it is not a bad idea after all.

I’ve assigned 3-digit major codes to the days of the year before, but that was for an entire different purpose. So, the calendar part yes, the saint part no.

How does that make it less work… like you said, you still need to encode the link.

We got 365/6 days in the year… how does that make you think of 16? How would you apply that system?

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It’s a more organic thing. Each day you just have to select the Saint of the day and memorice it (anki!) there’s no time selecting Saints for days, you only have to choose between 4 or 5. I don’t know if I’m explaining.

Thanks for asking, its a great idea now that I’m thinking.

PAO is base 10 (0123456789) hexadecimal is base 16 (012345789abcdef), so 2 digits base 10 is 10²=100, base 16 is 16²=256 which is less than 356, so you can encode with Saints PAO and organize as you wish. For example, number of day since 1/01, number of week + day in week, number of month + day of month.

By the way, American cards is base 13 (123456789"10"jkq), and base 16 and base 2 (binary) are multiple so 1 digit base 16 is 4 digits base 2 2⁴=16 , which incidentally, 2 digit base 16 is a byte (8 bits) :wink:

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PAO in and of itself is actually baseless.

Okay… and 10^3=1,000

…or base4 \to \spadesuit \heartsuit \clubsuit \diamondsuit

Okay, so just SRS, no mnemonics.

Sure, sure… but what does that have to do with a PAO _{16} (as in not PAO _{10})… you planning on assigning 16 consonants to the 16 digits? Sorry I don’t follow and I actually use base 16 or rather base 4² for bit masking of prime numbers… so it’s not the math that I don’t get:


I was basing on the old shadow system, but adapted to Computer Science. It’s part of how a PC is working, and some math. As soon as I read this new one and update the excel with sanctimoniousness I’ll give a a full example, it’ll take me some time. As appetizer from a CS book:

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Unlike me, who bowed out of this conversation the moment you guys started talking numbery thingys. Like everything else i do math-wise my own PAO will be based on the ancient, sound numerical principles of ‘1-2-a Lot’ or as I find myself expressing these days ‘£1, £2, H O W much clutches chest ?!’

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:joy: it’s very easy with an example. The maths is just to calculate the biggest set so everything else fits inside. It’s just like the photo but with 365 items (if i can arrange it with an easy order).

I started thinking of a 256 PAO (in hexadecimal it is only 2 digits, and in binary 8) when I saw something similar in the forum plus the shadow system but has struggling to make the rules of a major system so each number from 0 to F had a letter when found the idea of the Saints and also encode a day of month and month into one person.

Remember my major key is in a pseudo phonetical Spanish. (Maybe in English is easier to find 16 sounds that ring the bell of a number)

Computer Scientists love hybrid systems :smile: