Best way to set up a reusable memory palace?

I built my first(1st on that I haven’t forgotten) memory palace a few weeks ago. I have used it for a few things like trying to memorize a deck of cards(I’m at 30 cards right now), also use it to learn Spanish which I have gotten the most use out of. And now I am attempting to memorize my first book Thank You For Arguing by Jay Heinrichs. But I am wondering if there are bad ways of building a memory palace or simply better ways.

Edit: I wanted to add that I am noticing that unlike Spanish I don’t see traveling in a complete linear way being good for memorizing the book. Pathos is in one room, and Ethos is in another, etc… even if I am currently only using a few items from each room, just makes recalling it easier. Looking at putting Oration in the living room…

My memory palace is 50 spaces in my home, 10 items from each room: All big items that never move.

  1. My room
  2. Bathroom
  3. Laundry room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Living room

I have no issue with the memory of these items, but I’m curious about the best way to use it or if need be rearrange it. The way I go through the room is starting from one side and making my way through like I’m walking. So I will walk from my desk in the corner of my room to the door, then down the hall into the bathroom, through the bathroom is the laundry room, through the laundry room is the kitchen, through the kitchen is the living room. Other than my room and the two other roommates rooms the house makes a circle through all the rooms.

I have Moonwalking With Einstein, and O’Brien’s How to Develop a Brilliant Memory on the way in the mail.

Anyone have advice?

I don’t reuse memory journeys for long-term information because of ghost images. It might work for you though. There might be useful information on the memory palace page.

I second Josh there, I never reuse memory palaces when it comes to long term information. Long term information goes in long term palaces that contain that information and will never be used for anything else. The only palaces I reuse are the ones used for memory sports, memorizing cards, numbers, etc.

Yeah, I see that now. I was using the memory palace for Spanish words, the book, and cards, Moon Walking… With all that I was still memorizing things faster than I was without. But I now have several memory palaces and my recall is much clearer.

The Memory Palace City is my next project. It looks like Spanish will be in a separate city all by itself, in the back country with nice rolling hills.

Do you guys always use the same journey/palace when memorizing a deck of cards? I’ve been using one starting in my driveway over and over for a deck but I find I get those ghost memories occasionally in certain loci especially from some particular card combinations that are quite funny and sometimes I just can’t overwrite the memory without concentrating on the loci and positioning the image differently. Is there a better way? Or should I use a different journey each time?

Yes I had a similar question. I started doing some training for card memorisation and I started with just one palace. But do you rotate palaces? Or maybe have a stock of 4 or 5 that you use while you’re doing drills? Or just use some on one day, and then a different set on a different day?

I’m new and not good, so take it this with a grain of salt…

I always use my house for cards. and yes I sometimes get ghost images, but I’m getting better at them. I think it is a mixture of not focusing and not interacting with the environment. Like I have a pickup artist named Mystery for 10Hearts(10=gin, in the bar), and if I just picture him standing at the locations, then he is forgettable and I might get ghost. But if I make him teach the person ahead of him, then I get a much better image and is harder to forget. An especially memorable one is Bear Grylls(6spaids) pointing a bow and arrow at someone, etc…

To follow up on the concern about ghosting, this is also called The Ugly Sister Effect and there are ways to handle it.

However, like Josh, I don’t reuse Memory Palaces - or better said, rarely do. The old metaphor of making impressions in a wax tablet has a lot of truth to it, so it often makes sense to choose wisely what you memorize and where. Focus on things you want to keep for life and then have specific Memory Palaces that you:

  1. Practice the art of reusing

  2. Put in and out of rotation for a cooling off period