Best way to learn major system

I’m trying to learn the major system so I can learn the Lanier verbatim memory system.

What are some of the best ways to memorize / learn the major system?


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Also what are just the benefits of having learned the major system?

Does the other system I mentioned really work or not?

Check out these threads:

Also, print this page:

Press F5 to reload it with different numbers and then print it again.

Then carry the papers around with you and practice converting the numbers to images throughout the day. Each block of numbers has all the numbers from 00-99 displayed once.

Start here:

What are you planning to use the Lanier system for?

It is a very usefull skill to be able to memorize numbers.
I use it for PINs, adresses, birthdays etc., etc.

I do not know. I personally do not use it for the simple reason that I never need to memorize stuff verbatim.
It seems to work for himself, so I suggest you try it and let us know how it worked out for you.

I don’t think I’m having problems memorizing 00-99 or the PAO?

I’m having problems memorizing the consonant sounds.

Can anyone give me advice on how to memorize the consonant sounds especially for 6 and 7?

A g looks like a 6 if you turn it.
7 stands for luck and ends with a k-sound.

I use a variant on the major system
1 - L - L/l has one vertical line
2 - N - N/n has two vertical lines
3 - M - M/m has three vertical lines
4 - R - “four” ends with an “R” - roll it to help reinforce fouRRRRRR
5 - F / V - Five’s consonants are F and V
6 - B P - 6 looks like a small b, p looks similar and sounds like b
7 - T D Th - Capital T looks limilar to 7. D and Th are related sounds.
8 - Sh Ch J - no particular shortcut to remember this one
9 - G K - 9 looks like g. k is a similar sound.

I use this phrase from one of those 70’s movies “7 the hard way”= k,q, hard (c,g,ch)

Memrise has some pretty good practice courses set up for the major system that I have tried and found productive. As usual I didn’t become competent instantaneously or even at all. I have taken several runs at learning the major system and my 0-9 is mostly ok, my image collection is non existent, and using the major system for anything other the memorizing pi for 100 digits with a journey hasn’t happened. That said I will definitely be using Memrise,Anki and Brute force for refreshing the system this month.

0-9 Are pretty easy to learn the initial mnemonics for. Having 100 images at your visual fingertips definitely takes time and fast encoding/decoding also takes practice.

My newest job is to become the expert on several products so I am finally going to have the opportunity to apply some of these tools in a practical setting. I am really looking forward to it.