Best method to memorize a textbook?

Hi, i was looking for info about brain manegement and i fount zox pro, but i dont know if it works, and it seems like you hace a lot of experience, do you know some book about how to improve the sunconscius memory , or bring it to the conscious so that way achieve eidetic memory???

If you’re looking for photographic memory, it probably doesn’t exist in the way that people think about it in popular culture. You might want to check out these pages:

Here are some articles about photographic/eidetic memory.

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Of course, if you have a manic idea to remember everything word for word, then it will take a lot of time. But this is not necessary in any discipline; jurisprudence is no exception. To memorize new data, it is enough to simply visualize these situations and put them in your memory palace. It will be enough for you to recall the key image to restore the whole scene. If you want to remember the collection of laws or the whole constitution, then there is also a reasonable way out. Your task is to select a key image for the foundation of the law, then you highlight the details in it. On these details you attach an image of a figure and images of data from it. Related data is stored in a simple bundle. For example, if it comes to cars, then it’s enough to imagine a car in a parking lot, highlight the hood, wheel, cab, trunk and roof in it. And then mentally enlarge these details and attach to them images of the details of the law. This method requires a lot of experience, but it is the only really effective method to memorize whole texts concisely. If you want to remember each law word for word, you just need to choose the images for the service parts of speech. But I still strongly do not recommend this, because it will not improve your exams performance in any way, but it will significantly increase the memorization time.