Best Computer Games for Making Memory Palaces

Does anyone have any favorite games for creating memory palaces?

There is a list in the virtual memory palaces wiki page, but it doesn’t rank them in order of favorites.

Here is the list so far:

  • EQ2 Extended" (EQ2X)
  • Minecraft
  • Pokémon gameboy games
  • Normandy SR2 from Mass Effect 2 or 3 (the ship is remodeled in ME3).
  • Super Mario 64
  • Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2
  • Fable 2 and Fable 3
  • Fallout 3
  • Half Life 2
  • Nearly any MMORPG or RPG game works well
  • The Elder Scrolls games (Oblivion, Skyrim, Morrowind)
  • Halo series
  • Call of Duty Multiplayer
  • Shadowrun
  • Gears of War
  • Mirror's Edge

Has anyone created memory palaces from computer games? Which ones do you like?

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I’m using Half-life 1 (counter-strike), it works better for me than the real journey ^.^

The GTA games have large expansive maps too. And due to the mission structure pretty much every part of the map has an event attached to it.

I know the GTA Vice City map better than I do the one for my own hometown of 20 years!

Battlefield 3 works amazingly for me, the particular objective points with lots of surrounding buildings form perfectly when you stick a dancing clown riding a tiger while punching a tuna in the middle of an Afghan war :wink: plus there are about 14 maps you can remember them in reverse too! Btw, if you don’t play this game, you should, everybody should! H) 8) :glasses:

Yeah the GTA maps in Liberty City helped me remember my A2 Biology syllabus… Damn video games are good for this!;D

I use counterstrike 1.6! The best maps ever created!

Dark Souls for PC or PS3 (maybe others?)

  • each area is really unique and feature-filled
  • areas are closely-packed and well-connected

The only downside is, it’s a really hard game!

Not a game but there is a fantastic new app for the ipad called recce, which is an amazing movable, searchable, detailed 3D representation of a large part of London - it even extends out to Arsenal’s football stadium up in the North East.

Complete with moving traffic, overground trains and even a rotating London Eye!


Another non-game that is useful for creating memory palaces is Google Sketchup, a very easy to use 3D program available for free.

I wrote about it in this blog post of mine. I’ve even put together a YouTube playlist teaching the basics of building a memory palace in Google Sketchup.

You should Definetly try World of Warcraft, the loci is unlimited :slight_smile:

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I took pictures of the locations even before I was interested in using them for loci just because they are so striking.

Assassin’s Creed Series. I spend so much time in each maze Ezio has to pass that I end up memorizing it.

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Thanks for the replies! :slight_smile:

I’m going to link this thread with the other related discussion here: Virtual Palaces with the Click of a Button

King’s Quest 6
King’s Quest 7
Quest for Glory 4
and just about any Action Adventure game.

I like the games from Cyan, like Myst and Riven.

I haven’t tried it myself (yet) but The Sims seem s like it would be perfect.

Zelda Ocarina of Time is pretty good since not only do you get the whole map, but you get it twice since the map, people and your character change when you travel back and forth through time

For me, the first choice would be Skyrim. I’ve spent so much time in Whiterun that I really remember the house layouts and city plan. Then perhaps some shooter games, I can’t really remember them that well. Also, I find minecraft to be horribly confusing, I’m sure it’s just my problem, but I can’t seem to remember the nature very well and when I start building a palace, I find that halfway through I know what it’ll look like and just give up, because I know the palace as well as possible.

Assassin’s Creed is here, I also remember the Mark of Kri (an old PS2 game) very well.

I second the Dark Souls idea! I bought DaS2 last week, and it’s damn sweet! The open world gives you a shitload of loci and the difficulty make sure that you visit EVERY SQUARE INCH of the map at least three times.

The enemies can become loci as well, and each area is mapped (or at least I presume there are layouts). So Dark Souls makes a great palace (and most areas are literally palaces). I’m already looking forward to learning stuff with DaS II. 10 hours in and a long way to go.

Anyone tried Runescape? :stuck_out_tongue:
2007 would be ideal, since it’s static…

But then you view things in third person pov, rather than first person, so I’m wondering if that would work?

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