Beginner Steps

I completed my high school and am about to step into university… I couldn’t use any memory techniques to perform well in my exams because I became aware of them a bit late.
So, I want to be completely ready to use the memory palace technique before I step into university. I mean to create the memory places and the loci needed. I am going to pursue physics as a major subject in university.
I have read the material on this site and I have the basic idea of the technique but I need help to build on it and creating images for the text to be memorized.
I am really grateful for any help provided in this matter.

Thank you

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The forum has a search function…

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

Have you seen the getting started guide yet?

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If you provide specific examples of things you’re trying to memorize we could help brainstorm ideas on how to learn them.