Ars Combinatoria, Bruno, Llull

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There is an interesting post on Ecotechnic Inklings. I recommend checking it out if you’re interested in Giordano Bruno and Ramon Llull.

I have Scott Gosnell’s translation of De Umbris Idearum, but I didn’t know about Michael Greer’s translation.

(People might also be interested in this post from the same site.)

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I couldn’t find an English version of De Arte Combinatoria except for this $109 USD edition, which might not even be the entire book.

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" an alphabet of human thought"
Oh yeah, I can see how this would be useful. I want this so bad right now, let us know if you find it in print!

That version you linked is not the complete work, but maybe the little that is there can be useful. This is the table of contents:
“1. Dissertation on the Art of Combinations, 1666 (Selections)
I. Demonstration of the Existence of God
II. Corollaries for Disputation
III. Cum Deo!

The original in latin seems to be available here:


Hi everyone,

Here is a .pdf of the De Arte Combinatoria in English mentioned in the prior post by Josh…I found it doing a Google search…I think it is just some selections:…/Leibniz-Arte-Combinatoria.pdf