Are you an introvert or extravert? [POLL]

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert?


Extroverts get their energy from being around people and find being alone draining.

Introverts get their energy from being alone and find being around people draining.

Are you an introvert?
  • I’m an introvert
  • I’m an extravert
  • I’m in the middle or a little of both
  • I don’t know
  • Other (comment below)

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Here’s a blog post with some tips and comics:


Now we can try finding reasons why a site like this one is full of introverts… :joy:


I was an extrovert from the beginning, but I became introvert since 3 years.


Extraverts are probably to busy being social with people and such. :sweat_smile:


I put “other” because I’m an introvert who likes to try to be an extravert often because it’s fun.

So I like to be both. I just tend to be hidden away in my “cave” (e.g., computer desk).

I read a study on how extraversion is pretty consistently correlated with overall happiness. That’s not really why I like to be extraverted. I like to be extraverted mostly because I like to be with people, but I’m also scared of people (“fear of awkwardness”? ha) or just too lazy to go out, and I also like to explore alone (maybe because when I’m alone, I “feel more free” to explore as I like, and I get “independence” or for emotional reasons, you might feel emotionally bound such as having guilt about manners or did I treat them well and all sorts of stuff including insecurity, which is really my own situation how to deal with my own emotions). But other than enjoying the independence and safety from emotional/social pressures/fears, I really like to be extraverted. I imagine if I could be more comfortable with myself and my emotions, then I could be extraverted with the same happiness of being introverted, and even more because I’d be able to connect with people.

So really, the reason why I like to be alone often (or only with very close family/friend) is, partly fear. And maybe that’s because I love myself. It’s easier to be connect more on forums because you get more of that anonymity, but really I’d like to be “balanced” more. I mean. Not introvert just because I like to have my own space and privacy, but just, wherever I am, “alone” or not, be connected to everything around me. So what I mean is, I like to be connected wherever I am. Maybe that’s like being neither introvert or extravert? Wow

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I being introverted have been happier than all the extroverted people I have met (perhaps I can say this about introverted people too). It has a lot to do with a purpose in life, and for equally sad and unhappy experiences having that much more strongly happy experiences and joyous experiences of importance.

I think in my case being introverted is a bit of a special case, if I interact with people online, although it is majorly only text, I still perceive emotion and an overall experience that does not stand subpar an actual conversation. It just doesn’t really feel different online or offline. Conversations can still be draining, but with best friends it is never draining.



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Being an introvert has nothing to do with fear.

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May we all be best friends and miracles come to everyone in the best way and whatever will please one of us will please us all in the best way

Yes, I realize that maybe I am just shy. But I’m not so shy. I’m actually still trying to introspect on who I am and what I like, because I seem to always be changing in what I like and who I think I am, which is awesome and confusing and makes me keep wondering


INTJ type Introvert.


I’m an extrovert according to this test of personalities :

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Here’s one thing to check out guys – try taking one of those personality tests, then save the results and try taking it again 5-10 years later (somehow remind yourself) – do you think your result would stay the same???