Aphantasia is real!

I’m aphantasic and I’m able to memorize a deck of cards under 40s but I can’t memorize more than 50 images in 5 min no matter how hard I try because I can’t visualize the images in my mind


Do you want to memorize the image order or the images completely? If you want to memorize the order of the images, I recommend that you take a look at these links.

Link 1
Link 2

I know these methods and it doesn’t work for me. nothing is working for me with images

What strategy do you use to memorize the 50 images in 5 minutes? Did you make a story?

Without images what do you employ for this? Something like a chunking system?

We usually make images of things and store them or link them for recall. The reverse of turning images into perhaps verbal chunks or otherwise should work as well.May be a little complicated to implement but should be doable.

Out of curiosity, if you can’t visualise images in your head can you visualise motion, colour? Does this also mean that when you look at something you can’t recall what you have looked at, besides any verbal encoding you are doing? Also that you can’t recall the image you have just looked when you close your eyes?

I’ve got Aphantasia as well and have no problems with cards, never had the need to memorise images. What types of images are you trying to memorise, and why?

How are you able to memorize a deck of cards so fast without using an image-based system like PAO? What technique do you use?

I think Daniel is referring to do Images events on Memory League (a 1 minute event) and 5 Minute Images (a standard memory competition event).


So do I or rather i thought I might have congenital aphantasia but, logically, for it to be ‘real’ a high degree of ‘phantasia’ would have to be the default human setting. This forum would need to be littered with people saying “Man, for as long as I can remember I have been able to see perfect HD images in my mind’s eye”. Memory champions when telling their stories would need to be saying things such as "Even as a kid I could visualize anything I wanted to ‘see’ on the back of my eyelids "(And yes I know that is a fallacy) , yet strangely enough I can’t recall any memory champion having said something similar, infact often they will say something like ‘I have trouble visualizing even now after training it for so long’.

Why would this be necessary? I didn’t say I can’t memorise anything because of Aphantasia, so why would you think I’m suggesting Hyperphantasia would be needed to do so? I can (and do) memorise lots of things, I’ve never memorised a series of images before, but that’s not because I have Aphantasia, it’s because I’ve never found a need to do so and thus I haven’t tried.