Anyone got any Party Tricks?

Party Trick ideas and tips?


Make sure you know everyone’s name after hearing them once.

Nothing flashy, but very impressive and effective in making new connections :slight_smile:


Quick mental calculations are also good, especially when you do them mid conversation. Some people get blown away by that. :+1:


Two different ones:. Look at a piece of music (in music notation) for one minute, then wait five minutes and then go to the piano and play (just) the melody. Sense to impress, but as we know - it’s pretty easy.

The second one is more general:
Challenge anyone to recite the alphabet BACKWARDS
They will struggle.
If they haven’t tried before.
Then you do it - in under five seconds.

Anyone who grew up here in Scotland can recite the alphabet in about five seconds, but not many can do it backwards. Practice is needed and a memory palace (for me it’s route) really helps to get this quicker and quicker. Seems to impress - but then you tell them how you do it… And they are not impressed.

Try it yourself if you are reading this - 5 seconds target 100% accuracy. Like everything once it becomes procedural you can at the same time do something else - like squaring any two digit number in your head - or doing dinner other calculation - while reciting the alphabet BACKWARDS.

Hope this amuses someone


Memorize the deck of cards blindfolded is also a pretty good idea.


Memorising a deck of cards may be a good “trick”. however that can get boring for the person(s) watching. So modify it by getting another person to split the deck into half. They try to memorise 26 cards while you do the 26 they gave you.
Then recite the card perfectly after they struggled.
To add tension you can say that the maximum time to memorise the 26 cards is 2 minutes. ( or whatever time you know you can memorise them in)


Ill try that out thanks

If anyone hasn’t seen it, there is a thread with some ideas on how to do it: Recite the alphabet backwards

A bar trick that some friends did once is they went up to some random people and asked them to write down random binary digits on a napkin. Then they gave the napkin to me. (They didn’t tell me in advance what they were going to do.) I memorized the digits, and then they called the people over while I recited them back. Memorizing a few dozen binary digits is easy to do, but is unusual enough to be entertaining. It’s a funny way to meet new people. You can also recite the digits backwards for extra effect.

Another one is memorizing digits of pi with positions. Then you can have people ask you questions like “what is the 257th digit of pi?” You can answer, and they can check the answer on their phones. Few people want to listen to someone recite hundreds of digits of pi, but pulling an answer like that out of the air just takes a moment.


The “Where Shark Never”-Mnemonic

You will need:

  • one or more Chinese speakers that also speak English (preferably no German)
  • one or more German speakers that also speak English (preferably no Chinese)
  • one innocent bystander (e.g., a waitress, etc.)

Where do you find a party for such a party trick? Well, you can find a lot of Chinese speakers in China. You’ll also find offices of German airlines, German car manufacturers, German logistics providers, etc. right there as well. Between September and November quite a few companies will organize Oktoberfest for their customers and suppliers.

Basically, at the right place at the right time… most of the parties will look like what you need for this to work.


  • Get a German speaker to agree that it’s impolite to say “thank you” to the waitress in English instead of Chinese and that he should try in Chinese the next time she comes around.
  • Mention to the Chinese speakers that German and Chinese is more or less the same language anyway. You’ll quickly teach the German speaker some English-German-Chinese.

In case the German speaker knows how to say “xiexie” or one of the Chinese speakers wants to help out and tells him, just say “sure, but that’s tourist Chinese” and you’ll show him a much better and more natural way to say it.


  1. “Where” is what in German?
  2. “Shark” is what in German?
  3. “Never” is what in German?
  4. “Where shark never” is then?

…and done. Make sure you do that as you see the waitress approach, so they can use their newly acquired skill when she gives them their beer. The German words by the way are:

  • Wo
  • Hai
  • Nie

…put together you get the sentence “Wo Hai nie.” (“Where shark never.”) which sound almost exactly like 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ) and will make all the Chinese speakers laugh. The German speaker will most likely be a bit confused and ask what they said. Just say “Well… thank you” but in a very, very affectionate way and ask one of the Chinese speakers to explain further.

What the Chinese should sound like: click the speaker button (includes the punchline)
What it sounds like using German: click the speaker button (also with egg instead of shark)

Follow up:

Go explain and apologize to the waitress!


There is a chance that you will get “Haifisch” (shark fish) instead of “Hai” or “niemals” (nevermore) instead of “nie”, so just say “right, and the short form of that is…?” which will then get you the answer you are looking for.

Technically, “Where egg never” should be closer, but with most German dialects/accents the “h” in “Hai” will be relatively soft and since Chinese is a tonal language you normally get a better “wo” when followed by “Hai” instead of “Ei”. I guess the “h” forces a bit of a stop and gets you the third tone you’re looking for (maybe).

Follow up on the follow up? Yes, you can use this whole party trick, ice breaker contraption as a pickup line to get the waitresses phone number… I’m not taking responsibility though.

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That seems like a good one :laughing: :laughing: Ill try it out,

any tutorials for memorizing digits of pi with positions


I did it for 400 digits like this. Basically, create 10 memory journeys with 10 locations each. Use a number shape image in front of each journey to mark the order. I placed four digits per location using my 2-digit system (any number system would work). Then you can look up any position by doing the calculation mentioned in the other post.

See also How Many Indexed Digits of Pi Do You Know?

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