Any Magicians here?

Anyone on the forum a magician/magic enthusiast?


yes! i’m a part time professional magician! And i would love to think of all the posibilties to apply these skills to performance.

I just read one post on here from someone who wanted to use just like binary memorization to remember the color of the deck. i thought that was a genius idea to recreate some kind of out of this word routine!

and of course the extreme obsession of learning to memorize a deck with lightning speed instead of just pretending that we do.

So yes, and good to hear you are on here!!!

Any routines you apply it to?

That’s such a great idea with memorizing red black for some sort of out of this world… I haven’t thought of that!

Well the most obvious thing to do is learn a memorized deck (e.g. Mnemonica), but there must be other things. There are plenty of pure memory feats that I think can be impressive… especially with cards. You could give a bunch of people random pairs of cards, and then when they told you one of them, you could tell them the other (that’s from The Memory Book).

And I was thinking about ways of using binary memorization and apply it to random tic tac toe boards.

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Yep, Mnemonica is cool. But if we’d get great at memorizing cards we can definitely go far beyond that i believe.

Haha Tic Tac Toe… what kind of routine would that bring? you memorize the games, or you memorize winning strategies?

  • of course remembering the peoples names is always beneficial and makes you look better :slight_smile: !

Oh haha I have no further thoughts on tic tac toe memorizing… you could call it a “work in progress”!