Any ideas for an effective and proper method to memorise equations?

Even after trying for a few days, I could not make any effective and proper method to memorise equations.

Even though I make raw associations and images. I think a proper method will be much better and efficient and also save me some time while encoding them.

The main issue is the combination of numbers and variables together.

I want to know if other members here have any of their own method or give me some ideas for it.


Have a look here. You can use your existing 00 - 99 system…

Thanks @bjoern.gumboldt for this,

I apologise ,:pray::pray: I don’t think I have enough time to learn the braille system and use it for proper encoding, since I have a big test coming up.

I read this post earlier but couldn’t get it clearly how this system works.

By the way I am going to post a system that I am testing on recently, I would be glad if you share me your thoughts about it.

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Sure, thing… but in this case I’m almost certain that I’ll be against reinventing the wheel. You can represent integrals, vectors, etc. in braille without any issues. Just as an example, this will be the same as a full deck of cards, so 17 locations if you use PAO and it’s using your existing system/characters:

What would that look like in your system?

Hi Vertexion,
Can you give us an example of the type of equation you are trying to memorise? Is it something you need to memorise to subsequently understand - or something you need to memorise because you don’t understand it?

Kind Regards

K - into maths…

@bjoern.gumboldt I am still working on the method and looking for the gaps I recently found.

The method I want to develop is mainly for physics which has more variables than numbers.

Still your method looks very efficient to me, I would like to learn it in future.

@MMScotofGlasgow I am mainly working on equations in physics with lots of variables.

I understand and can derive the formula, just looking for memorising them so that I can save time. Also so that I can memorise short here and there one formulas so that the don’t slip out.

I know what you mean, maybe this will cheer you up: I personally could never ever remember (I mean understand how to work out) the formula for apothem to subsequently derive by integration using calculus the formula for the area of an equilateral triangle, just some sort of mental block. Still can’t see it though I know it’s true (root 2 over 6? Still can’t get my head around that) So I memorised it, it was funny because the square and the circle made perfect sense, but I couldn’t understand the ones with triangles…

If you have a good set of mental art for the acceleration of a body in orbit and how it relates to angular momentum - please share! I’ve never understood that either… Good luck!

Looks like a long term and short term strategy is necessary… of course, just like a 000 - 999 system will take time to set up, you can’t just use braille tomorrow. I wouldn’t try and use it for an upcoming test.

Just FYI… the K, g, x, and y in the above formula are the same as in regular braille and Greek letters can be just as easily derived. If you happen to do blindfolded Rubik’s cubing you can also use the images for the alphabet letters in your speffz system.

Might want to cross read some of the braille links I have in the original post to avoid some common pitfalls. Just to clarify, it’s NOT “my method” as far as math… there have been lots of people over the years establishing this standard.

You could look at why they’ve changed certain things over time because things were ambiguous before. Maybe if you want it for physics only, your own system might be of advantage.