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Looking for some help, I have started using Anki, is it better to have just one deck rather than several. Is it better to mix up different subjects or to keep them seperate with there own decks.

I personally prefer to mix up the subjects. Because when I mix up multiple subjects, I can get the effect of “interleaving practice”! Mixing up different subjects will force your brain to learn things more efficiently!

Please,see this link on “Interleaved practice”,before%20moving%20to%20another%20topic.

I primarily use two Decks-one is for short term stuffs(6 months to 1 year). And in another Deck,I keep things that I want to review for long term(1 to 3 years)!

There are some cards that are too easy for me,so I want them to appear after a very long time! But there are cards that I want to review quite frequently. So,I keep them in short term deck!

Also, I use “Tags” in Anki for separating subjects from each other…instead of using a lot of DECKS for separate subject! Here is a great plugin for Anki’s Tag:

If you ever need to review one specific subject,you can do it by using “Custom/Filtered Deck” and Tags on that subject…This is why,I find “Subject wise Decks” pointless!

I was used to have more than 400 decks and it was burdensome to click them one by one, so I resumed them into their respective subjects, and now I review many decks at once. That way I do not need to skip reviewing to jump to another deck.

Thank you very much for your help, really appreciate it.

Thanks, really interesting, lots to think about.

I used to group them into categories so I would just review that specific topic and it made things a lot easier. Right now, I use quizlet because I think it is a more useful flashcard software.

Thanks, in what way is quizlet [email protected]

It doesn’t have the spaced repetition built in like anki but the layout is a lot nicer. You can easily share your decks with other people. It has built in quiz functions which is really nice. I recommend checking it out because it is free!

I am very boomer dealing with Anki. How does quiz works? Is it possible to make multiple options? How to make the option of the user typing the answer before seeing the answer? By the way, Anki staff ignored me about three or four times and I asked them for help and finally I was uncouth with them because they suck.

Will do cheers @Parkouristx

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