Anki deck to learn binary numbers

Hey all,
a few years ago I created an Anki deck whose cards show a binary expression of a number and ask for the decimal expression.

It contains all numbers from 1 to 999.

Is there any interest in this deck? Then I would brush it up and upload it.

It helped me a lot to super quickly memorize binary numbers. I can chunk them into 10-digits parts now.
So I learn 20 digits with only two images :slight_smile:

Why wouldn’t it be 0 to 1023 if it’s binary?

It contains all decimal numbers from 0 to 999 along with their binary expressions and padded binary expressions

Decimal | binary | padded binary

1 | 1 | 0000000001
2 | 10| 0000000010
999 | 1111100111 | 1111100111

The idea is to e.g. read
1111100111 and memorize it as my image for 999.

Does that make sense?

Well, then what’s you image for 11 1111 1100 or as you’d separate it 11111 11100 (I prefer the word/byte representation because it makes it easier to convert to hex.). Anyways, if it only goes up to 999 then you have an incomplete set for 10 digit binaries… what do you do with the last 24 values from 1,000 to 1,023?

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Uups yes, you are right! I actually created the cards up to 1023. (I overlooked the numbers starting at 1000 in the browser because I expected a different sorting).
Now I hope it finally does make sense, sorry :smiley:

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