Animals as a memory palace journey?


As a student of science, you are schools on dissecting numerous animals and insects in your study, visualizing, feeling, and vividly understanding all the different components, joints, muscles, and the relation of each one to the next.

What I just noticed is that EVERY SINGLE LIVING THING including animals or insects, have a UNIQUE JOURNEY! That is journey is the path taken from the mouth to the anus. It will go through the mouth, stomach, and the inner linings and come out the end.

One could, theoretically, start at the mouth of a chosen specimen (could be a real living being, a modified one, or a purely imaginary one) and make it’s way through the various stages of the body. As you progress, you could stop and take note of the nearly branches or points of references like the lungs, the chest bones, or anything that exists.

Now you don’t have to find new places like houses to create a memory place, you just learn about the animals’ anatomy. You could even take advantage of the fact that there have been trillions upon trillions of different species to devote certain types of animals for certain types of memory paths. For instance, insects could symbolize small quick journeys while bigger animals like elephants could symbolize bigger data like a database of phone numbers. You could even look at it from a broader perspective and for instance use sharks as general arithmetics, and different subspecies of it sharks for different subspecies of math. For instance, the great white would be calculus and the hammer shark could be geometry.

To me, this seems like a goldmine and will definitely be using it in the future.

Anyone have my experience or thoughts on this ? Would love to hear them!

(Josh Cohen) #2

I haven’t tried that, but it sounds like an interesting idea. If you combine it with alphabet pegs to arrange the animals, you could keep the memory palaces in order.


That’s a good idea. I’m gonna modify that and use it.

I have a circle of acquaintances for whom I need to remember specific information (phone numbers, schedules, things I need to tell them next time I see them, etc). I will just give them an animal whose name starts with their letter.

Thanks for introducing the idea! Let’s keep them coming.


For me, going small scale is diffucult. Maybe transforming the body parts into the image you want to remember is good technique in this case.
So, let us know about your results.


going small scale

Just because the animal in reality is “small” does not mean it needs to be in your mind. An Ant could be scaled up to the size of a mansion. It’s all in your head anyway.


Yes, I meant that zooming it up to the size of mansion is difficult for me. It takes extra work, because it’s left for one’s imagination.
Simple comparison: In my home I can move around freely, fly from 1st locus (doorway) to 2nd locus (couch). If I want I can zoom out and see them both in the same picture. Seeing the ladybug’s leg and eye at the same time is not a problem (can just look up a big picture of ladybug), but visualizing myself on it’s leg and then flying above its body to its eye is hard.