Andrea Muzii - Blindfolded Rubik's Cube

Here’s a new article about World Memory Champion, Andrea Muzii.

A genius has solved a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute while wearing a blindfold.

Andrea Muzii, 20, from Rome, Italy, recently won the IAM World Memory Championship 2019, thanks to his incredible recall skills.

Footage shows the young student solving the Rubik’s Cube three times in a row while blindfolded, every time in less than 50 seconds.

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That statement is factually wrong though, because the cubing competition happened over a year prior:

At some point we should probably have a thread about how poorly researched articles like this one don’t do the sport(s) any favors. Why are the two competitions mixed together like this?

It’d be nice to have some reference points in the article too… the Italian record (single) is 19.48, the European record is 17.40, and the World record is 15.50 seconds:

Also the first 100 people in the rankings all have an average-of-3 more than 10 seconds faster than his time stated in the article:

The article makes it sound as though the 44 sec avg in 3x3-BLD is somehow on a record level when throwing it together with all the other records related to memory sports.

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I don’t have an issue with the word “memory champion”. He is the IAM World Champion, but that only happened a couple of weeks ago; so if you’re referring to a cubing competition that he attended in 2018, you can’t call him something he isn’t yet.

Take Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet some 400 years ago as your first fact. Add to that the fact that Shakespeare is dead now and there you go: Dead man writes epic love story.

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I think I got confused there, so I removed my other comment. The article is just a couple of days old, so you’re right — he was the champion already. There are some other articles that get things like that wrong.

50 seconds for a blind solve isn’t that great.

Good solve by Andrea. I know that he is into cubing a bit since 2018. I do see his scores on the Memory League and they are impressive. It is good to know that he has tried the 3BLD event.