I am about to start my anatomy course and I’m planning on using the method of loci.

However, I’m a bit uncertain in how to structure it all. Should I for instance have one journey for the skeletons of the arm, another journey for the muscles of the arm and then a third journey for the insertions and origins?

Or should I try to link the parts together? One locus for a muscle, its insertions, origins, nerve supply etc feels like quite a lot. At the same time it feels quite ineffective to have a separate journey for everything, as it also means I gotta have another separate “made up” path through the real anatomical body.

Any input/tip is very much appreciated!


You can have multiple journeys for each of the different information that would help things be more organized but now you have to make sure you have enough journeys and locations. Each location in the journeys should correspond to the same piece of information. I know some things may not add up exactly but you would have to adjust for that.

You might have a lot of images if you just used one location. you might get confused on what image is what information. How you learn the information also depends on how you need to use the information or will be tested on it.

Here is a video of me recalling all of the bones in the human body:

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You can also memorize bones/muscles/etc. directly on your body. So, your body is going to become your loci. In this case, you know exactly where your bones/etc. are located in your anatomy.