An Article about Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory

Imagine you could remember every day of your life in exquisite detail. Would you love it or loathe it? That’s what Jake Hausler, a local 12-year-old with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, has been able to do ever since age 8. Now, researchers at Washington University are mapping his brain to discover what makes his memory so powerful and if there are lessons to be learned that impact people with normal memory capabilities.

Do you think that HSAM requires a different kind of brain, or is it something that anyone can learn how to do? (like Lembran Sar)

Hausler’s memory is tied very much to dates. If you ask him to tell you what happened on July 26, 2013, that would be easier than asking him to remember all the digits of Pi.

I don’t remember what happened on July 26, 2013, but I’d also consider that to be much easier than remembering all the digits of pi. :wink:

Article: If you could remember every day of your life from age 8, would you? This St. Louis 12-year-old can.

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I’m guessing that people with HSAM are unconsciously using memory techniques that we consciously use. This is the first case I’ve heard of involving a child with HSAM. The other cases I’ve heard of are adults with HSAM who I imagine assumed their ability was normal and thus never discussed it with anyone.

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