An antique device for remembering shopping lists

I thought people here might find this antique shopping list tool interesting.


Just curious: Is “catsup” a different way to spell “ketchup”?

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Yes, I remember seeing that spelling more often when I was a kid. The etymology is interesting.

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If the list goes from the top most important to the bottom least important then “Bacon” is hilariously placed after “Baby food”.

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I just noticed that it says “frozen food”. The Internet says that freezers became more widespread after WWII.

I found a little more information here:

It is all metal with a painted black back that says “Giftcraft Prov. R.I., Pat. Pend”. It has a gold tone medal front with gold tone levers to each of the grocery items you may need for your list! There are 40 different items engraved into the medal. You would just move the lever over to select the items you need to buy at the grocery store.

Here’s the patent application.

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It’s clearly alphabetical

I would totally buy that.

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I said I would totally buy it, but never thought it would cost $350.

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This was really ingenious. Everything is on there😁