Ambiguous in English words

Recently, I played in words in my free time. However, I encounter a big challenge in words. I mean I can remember the images but I could not tell is it “memory” / “memorization” / “remember”? “courage” / “brave”? “Incorrect” / “cross” ? It is disastrous especially when I beat the clock.

Does anyone have a similar situation?


I thought it is a common situation for league players.
However, it seems not. I will try to solve it on my own.

My method to memorise words is that 2 words bound to 2 freestyle images in a location.

I propose a notebook based revision method; the content is the words I mixed up, attached to each word’s image. The test period is set to be 90 days, playing ML WORDS a game per day.

See if I can overcome my problem.


With words like “courage” and “brave” and other similar meanings, you honestly need to maybe try to think of something more specific to that word, not just the meaning of the words themselves. Like, for “brave” I think of “Braveheart” and for “courage” I would think of maybe a war medal or something.

As for “memory” and “remember” - For “memory” I would think maybe of a brain or of a memory athlete I know. “Remember” would be a red poppy flower, like we wear on “Remembrance Day”.

Words requires a lot of creativity and this is something you can develop with practice.


Very good point… but just to add to your examples, you can also look for other words inside the word:

  • brave: just take the first three letters bra- and the last three letter -ave and create something out of that. Ave stands for avenue as in 5th Ave and a bra is a bra. You’d have to be very brave to take off your bra in the middle of 5th Ave; but if you did, people would probably say “bravo.”

  • courage: same thing here… cou- (/ku:/) sound like the German word for “cow” and -rage is rage. Just do an all female recast of the movie “Raging Bull” (like they did with Ghostbusters). That movie would obviously have to be renamed to “Raging Cow” then. Maybe people wait in a queue /kju:/ for ages already to get in the theater to watch the movie.

I doubt that you could mix up those two images as they have practically nothing to do with one another. You can come up with other images of course if you know that “bra” is Swedish for “good” and “ave” was a Latin greeting. A bit less obvious than the above example, but of course “Julius Cesar [ave] eating yummy [bra] Swedish meatballs” does the trick too… and so would anything associated with the “Atlanta Braves” baseball team.

Either way, like @BradenExplosion already pointed out:

Maybe try for a while to memorize the words by their spelling rather than their meaning and see where that gets you.


It’s already week 3 doing my training one game per day. Though I have no significant changes in solving ambiguous, I found using logbook pretty handy when encountering the words I had encoded before.

sample logs

By the way, thanks for above readers suggestion. Breaking the word down is possible to clarify the word, but I found it’s not consisting to my style. As broken piece of images lead me to confusion.


Can you tell the name of the software which you had used and I recommand you a method,

Take a feature of each image
Create an image from that feature
With the first feature being at the top which will go on till the last feature at the bottom and you have a lot of freedom with the creation of images and also their placement and after you have created an image with at least 3 features you can attempt to recall that image,


Have a Great Day.

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The latest update, after two months of training at least a game in ML words.

Just got a new PB.

The ambiguity of English words seems to be minimized on me. Though most of the time I got only 15-19 words I found myself an interesting effect. That is my reading speed is much faster than in previous months. For instance, before the post, my maximum reading speed is around 24 wpm. Now, I can reach 30 wpm easily. And If I am fully concentrated, I can run to 34-36 wpm.

In some sense, I might not improve significantly. :joy: But in terms of speed, I am getting quicker. Indeed, in these two months, I feel satisfied because I learnt many new vocabularies!
(. ͡๑ ᴗ ͡๑.)


Frustrating, but progressing.
I am now sometimes can read all of the words. And more gaps happen to me.
I thought this would be my lvl 10, it seems not, I lloll l. Let experience accumulate and might cure my spellings. :dizzy_face:

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I like @BradenExplosion 's suggestion with turning brave into Braveheart, another thing I like to do is go with similar words that are more visual. For example, commit=comet because it is much easier to see a comet.


This was a close call, 28 LOL
Finally, I am able to be LVL 10 in words. :laughing:
It was already 3 months passed since the post start.
Though I have lots of spellings, the above suggestions given by players are valuable and supportive to my troughs.
I sincerely thank everyone who helped me and played with me in words disciplines.


Congratulations @Antelex !


I think as I had seen many words, I am trying to reorganize the word logbook structure. So might be tomorrow, I will post some of my edited journey here.
I know it might not helpful to all people, but it can be a reference to whom wish to use the similar approach as I was doing in the last 90 days.

From time by time my log book structure changed a few times. At first, I only marked down the words I easily messed up with. Later I made a word list to store each day words around 30. After that I found my spelling is also a tragedy. So I started to use indicators. Such that, underline means the word is missing/incorrect. Slight front for the words I ill-spelled. and a # indicated how many words I had read in a game.

Week 1 word list looks like these way.

word 1 word 2
mum mother
think of my mum hug with mother
unclear ambiguous
a foggy day wtf
warp wrap
a time warp a hand wrap
incorrect cross
press the wrong button with sound “at atttt” Jesus the cross
courage brave
lion howl the brave girl
may might
a blossom season a mighty
can could
a can a cloud


Because of the table import issue here, I might upload a one drive notebook link for the rest of the words (view only).


Congratulations :clap:

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Hello Antelex, that’s great you achieved this level in word discipline, could you share your experience with word discipline format, I meant to say, did you use same memory Palace to practice regularly? Howmany repetition you did per day to achieve this level ? How to decide what formula fits in each or different situation?
I am afraid for asking such questions because this is something, I love to attain :slightly_smiling_face:

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There are many word experts here, eg @Bigdonnyv @katiek
Yes, I use around 5 memory palace during that period, it’s around 150 locations to me. And I trained in circulating mp.
Each day trained around 3 times in word.

Now seldom trained in words, my current target is to ace 2 digits multiplication in less than 2 seconds for any random pairs.


Thank you, that is quite the honor to be in the same sentence as @katiek


You should have a few different palaces ready in each discipline. I currently use 1 in words and this is a terrible approach, that I am looking to change. “Do as I say, not as I do”.

Another tip, Id like to give is I use 2 images per loci, have the first do onto the 2nd to avoid swaps.

For example, 2 weeks ago I saw a frog on my step and I punished it by hitting it. During recall, I typed punish frog, I was incorrect and made an error due to going fast. The correct answer was “frog-punish”. What I should have visualized is a frog with a whip or something along those lines instead. Now the frog is the one doing the punishing.

Another thing I like to do is, sometimes I do not make sharp memorizations(happens more than Id like), after your match or training is done, write down the ones you did not make a good memorization for and come up with something so you are ready next time. I do not have a words bank, but this will help you progress. Also, occasionally go for speed. Let’s say you are just doing first 30 words right now, in training go for 40, do not worry about the accuracy, get used to creating the visualizations faster.