Alguma lista Major system 00-99 em português?

Eu estou fazendo minha lista Major system 00-99, porém estou com dificuldades em encontrar verbos, pessoas e objetos para alguns números e não achei nenhuma em português na internet. Alguém conhece alguma lista?

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Eu achei um site com algumas listas Major sytem em português, algumas palavras são pouco intuitivas e preferi não colocar no minha própria lista, ou seja, continuo com algumas brechas. Caso alguém conheça alguma lista, por favor, me avise.

Links dos sites (o último tem verbos, mas ele não usa o Major system convencional, é necessário fazer uma conversão primeiro):

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Which numbers are you having trouble with? (You can write it in Portuguese if you want.)

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First, thank you for spending time trying to help me. I managed to find a verb/person for each number, but some of them aren’t that good, and I would like to have a wider variety. I’m trying to find out more people/object for: 18, 44, 55, 61, 80, 98. I want to find out some more verbs for the numbers: 18, 23, 27, 54, 44, 47, 66, 89.

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Have you tried using a dictionary that auto-completes?

There’s one here. If you’re looking for words in Portuguese, set it for Portuguese to English and type the first consonant, followed by a vowel, and then by the second consonant. If you don’t see something that can be turned into an image, then change the vowel. I’d make a list of possible vowel combinations and go through them in order: a, e, i, o, u, ei, ai, ia.


44 = RR

First type “rar” and look at the suggestions. Then try “rer”, “rir”, “ror” and the others. That produces words like:

  • raro
  • raridade
  • rarefeito
  • rir
  • teste de Rorschach

They might not produce words that directly refer to an image, but it might be possible to create an object by associating it with a word like “raridades”.

In my system, I couldn’t find exact images for everything so I had to stretch things when I got to the last numbers. One example is my image for 753. It produces the sound “KAIM” which doesn’t sound like any word in English. I turned that into the word “crime” and then linked that to an image of a chalk outline. So 753 means a chalk outline. I have a lot of stretched images like that.

For people you could try looking through this list of 10,000 people. There’s also a way to search for people by initials here.

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Thank you very much, Josh! I’m going to do that.

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