Aid in Using memory palace

I am doing my work on building the memory palace and I am a novice at it. I read several articles and also the pdf on this forum on memory palace. But, all of them involve memorizing a list of words and not information interrelated to each other.
By list of words I mean:
But I want to memorize interrelated data like chemical reactions and in Biology Significance and functions of organs… I need help at that please

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Chemical reactions can be complex. It varies a lot if you just wat simple things like 2 H2 + O2 -> 2 H2O + BOOM, or complex things.

Organs are easier, but still they can form quite a challenge. Just take a real good look at the liver, which is one of the more complex and baffling of our organs. Sure the brain can redirect functions to other neural pathways (especially in the younger years), sure your heart is capable of completely creating new arteries and veins to create a natural bypass, but the liver can regenerate itself without scarring (or at least keeping it to a minimum in some cases). Add the more than 500 identified functions and you are set for a challenge. So how deep down that rabbit hole do you want to go?

The exercises in the pdf and guides is set to introduce you. You start off memorizing words like chair, oak and speaker so you get to know your mind. After that you can go on to the big ones. Production of bile, cholesterol and proteins (specific ones), regulating amino acids, clearance of bilirubin, that sort of thing.

Running before you can walk can bite you in the ass.


What do you suggest for me… any particular method to follow… or any progress plans things…

i just want to get better at it

Take the words from the guides, and memorize them as if you had no idea what they were. So when seeing ‘chair’, dont picture a chair, because you dont know what a chair is. You could instead go with a chairman, who leaves. The man of ‘chairman’ leaves, so you end up with only ‘chair’.

You cant picture an oak, that would mean you know what an oak is. Instead, you could maybe imagine an ok sign.

That should add some more challenge to the words

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Hey, I am following your idea for basics for 3 days now and i am now able to memorize 10 random words a day in forward and backward sequence. I want to advance my steps to something more…Any ideas?

Here are some more ideas for you;

and another one here;

Thank you so much for the suggestions Erol I will try to apply them from today only

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On top of what Erol said, you can also try adding more to what you memorize. More words, more difficulty, more speed, etc. :slight_smile:

With my daughter I am currently grabbing books and making images for the longest words in each sentence, as practice. No need to memorize, just images.

You could make a start with what you want to memorize by turning into memorizable points of information and see what images you can come up with.


How should I remember this in memory palace?

did you check the links I provided?

also please take notice of what Mayarra said.

“You could make a start with what you want to memorize by turning into memorizable points of information and see what images you can come up with.”

The basic idea is to convert each word into an image or images, and use the linking method to memorise them in your place.

There is no shortcut to memorising information.
You have to learn how to convert words into images.
You have to learn the linking method.
Structure and organize the information
Have a premade palace for your data.
And work on your project by applying the methods.

Once you can master these steps, it will be a piece of cake to memorise these types of lists as in your Fig. 302. and others.

Yes I did read all of it… Although a bit slow I am able to memorize the written information in form of images. I completed 2 lessons in the fashion…
This one being an imageI am facing the difficulty. So I asked if there is any method for this… Please help

Okay, I will try here an attempt to help:

You have to memorize the words:

outer membrane
devision septum
plasma membrane
fat globule
inclusion body

So, I would start with thinking about objekt you can link these words to. For instance:

Capsule - capsule out of glass
pili - pillow
flagella - flags
plasma membrane - a membrane
ribosomes - robber
fat globule - A persone that is really fat, because he is eating globules (These white homeopathic globes made out of sugar)
inclusion body - a reception where the receive guests (inclusion) made out of body parts.

Just think of the first words that come to your mind that a you can associate with. And I would do it in your native language, as I have some problems to come up with Ideas for the other words as english isn’t mine.

So to make a memory palace out of it, I would imagine the village of Asterix and Obalix. (If you know the comic book). The protekt the village, the have build a capusle out of glass around it (capsule). So if you go in there, imagine walking through an entry like a glass door. Through this capsule ther are some flags which are waving in the wind (flagella). Furthmore they have mounted on the capsule pillows to protect the galss if the romans attack with catapults (pili). Bevore you really can enter the village you have to pass through a barrier made out of plasma (I imagine it as electric plasma). After you finally enter the village you are recieved at an reception made out of body part (inclusion body). Somewhere in the village there is standing a really fat person, which is eating with both hands globules out of a barrel (fat globule).
Also there are standing several robers (Ribosoms) in this city.

Hope this helps.


Adding to above great comments, as I saw the picture on a tiny screen, I initially interpreted the picture to be a swimming pool. On the right of the pool I saw a shark swimming (flagella), above the pool a shower (pili), and in the pool itself snakes (DNA).
The swimmers (ribosomes) are guarded by a pool guard (mesosphere).
Try to use your own imagination for the other dangerous animals in the picture :grinning:


Its not the list of words I had to memorize… It was the diagram and its respective labellings…
@thomasv thank you for the help…
That’s what I meant on saying memorising the image