"Afternoon Napping Linked to Better Mental Agility"

Summary: An afternoon nap may help improve mental agility, a new study suggests. A short afternoon nap was associated with better working memory, verbal fluency, and locational awareness.

One theory is that inflammation is a mediator between mid-day naps and poor health outcomes; inflammatory chemicals have an important role in sleep disorders, note the researchers.

Sleep regulates the body’s immune response and napping is thought to be an evolved response to inflammation; people with higher levels of inflammation also nap more often, explain the researchers.


Yes! I mean, I hate napping in the afternoon because it makes me feel like the day just goes by too quickly.
However, I totally feel the point about inflammation. I have chronic inflammation and I can feel how much it affects my cognitive abilities. It’s honestly helped me a great deal to just get better sleep at night (not more, better), so to avoid having to nap extra. I’ve read a lot about melatonin, and now I have some melatonin and a chamomile tea every night before going to sleep.

It does help a great deal. Feeling rested during the day really changes your mental agility for the better.


I have to wonder how much of this is a nap in particular, and how much is getting enough sleep overall. It sounds like the nappers in the study were also spending as much time asleep at night as the non-nappers

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