Advice request from "words" memorizers, to memorize mind maps/keywords! PEGs/PAO system for words, does it worth the effort?

The post is in three sections: general view, main_problem and a suggestion for it.

General view:
I am a student trying to perform better at college. Usually grasping a concept is not a problem, actually, relatively I might perform above average in problem-solving.
But when it comes to a problem/question that requires (memorized) systematic multi-steps - or in general many details to memorize - I usually become very slow or not able to recall these details that I fail the year.
One way I hope to deal with that is after studying each chapter, I create a summary and from which I create a mind map that contains important (keywords) and focusing on memorizing these.
That’s why I became interested in memory techniques that help in memorizing words.
I think using the linking method might be more effective than memory palace for me, because I will probably need to memorize a lot of facts.
I hope I have about six months period to train myself on memorizing words.

Main problem:
(Very long time at encoding words)
I tried memorizing pairs of random generated words using the linking method for eight time each time is 30 minute.
On average I succeed in memorizing 25 pairs with accuracy of 90% and retrieval time of one second.
Most of the time is consumed in “finding” a person/object that is related to the word I try to memorzie -specially if it is an abstract word- and then linking these objects/persons together in an “image”/very short story in my mind.

Assuming each word is already linked to an object/person in mind. Then when memorizing words, I will only make the linking between persons/objects, I will save time
that is used in “finding” and object/person for each word, it will be already memorized in my mind. It is just like PEGs/Dominic System/PAO system but for words not numbers.
Of course that means a huge number of memorized objects, and that requires regular memorizing, spaced repetition using a software like Anki, and a lot of time.

1- So opening the dictionary, linking almost every word to a unique Person/Object, to save time in memorizing keywords from mind maps. Does it worth the effort? Do you suggest a better way?
2- Any advice relating to memorizing words / using memory techniques for study is appreciated.

Thank you.

This is not a bad approach but are keywords the details you are forgetting?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean ‘for eight time and each time is 30 minutes’, however 30 minutes, even for 25 pairs can be reduced.

A lot of people do not ‘find’ the right image to do this and instead use the first image that comes to mind when you ‘see’ the abstract word. Usually when you get better at this, the image makes you think about the abstract word. You should see if you are getting faster at ‘finding’ the ideal association, if not you can consider using the first word that comes to your mind and seeing how this goes. Eventually you definitely want the first image to be the right image.

For the linking aspect I would more or less give the same advice.

Yes you will.

Precisely this is true.

It is worth the effort but no one has really done it to this extent yet, for the simple reason that it takes time. I have had my go at trying this but it is comparable to making a 1m digit system. I suppose someone who is very ‘very’ dedicated can do this over a month or few.

If you do this I suggest you go over highest priority ‘e.g’ Terms inside your textbook, most common words, etc. I believe if you manage to extract all the text in your textbook perhaps by online software, it should be feasible to greatly reduce the load. Theoretically if you are going to make image associations for those words anyways, then this is not at all a bad idea.

Learning regardless of how eventually comes down to spaced repetition.

Again I suggest highest priority over doing everything, If I were to do this again rather than picking up a dictionary, I would possibly pick up the oxfords academic dictionary or even more readily take every single book in my field of study that I will have to look at and have software extract all the unique text/symbols that I don’t already have associations for.

It may also be suggestible that rather then doing this formally you should do it as you encounter said ‘word’, with the intent of doing this for those words before starting the actual memorizing. This is simply because it is not more time consuming and it helps you get things done while proceeding with the memorization so it doesn’t make you feel as though you have to memorize the world before you start witnessing any benefit at all. For example learning all the words in a paragraph as image associations and then memorizing this paragraph can help you reflect on how this process as a whole will be when complete.

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Thank you for the reply.

If I study the material well before creating the summary/mind map, I hope these keywords will act like a hint to remember the details I need.

Indeed I should have clarified what I meant by ‘pairs’.
For now the idea is training myself on linking between two keywords, so that if one is a hint, I can recall the other and vice versa.

One keyword act like a keyword for a question while other act like a keyword for the answer.
Question: What is the name of first planet near the sun?
Answer: Mercury

Then the pair here might be (first, Mercury)

So I gave myself 30 minutes to memorize pairs as many as I can. I did that eight times, on average I can recall the linking between 25 pairs,
meaning if you show me the word ‘first’, I’ll remember ‘Mercury’, and vice versa.

So by memorizing 25 pairs, I do not mean I can recall them all from memory. I mean by giving me any word, I’ll remember the other word linked to it.

I totally appreciate your suggestions, specially the priority keywords advice and converting words to Persons/Actions before starting the actual memorizing … it is like splitting the task into two tasks, “converting to Person/Action” and “linking” … thank you very much, with God’s will I’ll try to find a software that does that for Arabic PDFs, thank you again.

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