Advice for Struggling First-Year Medical School

I’m really struggling in medical school and if anyone has advice on visual mnemonics for medical school I’d appreciate it. I’m struggling to pass my courses and keep all the information in. I’m struggling to implement the memory palaces

for like bone Does anyone have advice on implementing markers, memory palaces, and any other visual techniques? How would you implement the memory palaces for osteology of bones. If I do not pass this next course I need to repeat first year.


Have you tried creating mnemonic images for the words? (If you aren’t familiar with that technique yet, see the free ebook, the FAQs, and the rest of the getting started guide.)


  • greater tuberosity – “tuberosity” sounds like “tuber” so you could use an image of a potato. Or maybe YouTuberocity – a video website for potato videos? :slight_smile:
  • head – an image of a head
  • bicipital groove – a dance move where you flex your biceps
  • pectoral ridge – pectoral muscles, or a ridge on the edge of town where people only exercise their pecs.
  • deltoid ridge – deltoid muscles, or a ridge on the other side of town where people only exercise their delts.
  • fossa – fossils
  • trochlea – tracheotomy or trochaic meter (poetry)
  • etc.

Basically, you can link new information (like details of the bones) to things you already know (like major muscle groups, statues, and potatoes).

After you have the mnemonic images, you could attach them to the relevant parts of the bones and link them together with the story method.

You might be able to use features on the bones themselves as the memory journeys.



What is the first image that comes to mind when you hear :" Greater tuberosity" ?

what about a big tube ? cant you imagine yourself laying down in a big plastic tube ?

As Josh said, you first have to take a leap and pick an image for everything. Just the first thing that comes to mind. Dont try to cover the whole word or words, just use the first image that comes to mind, like for me, Olecranon fossa, I pick a HOLE with a Crane in it. fossa will come later… baby steps


Alex Mullen’s videos which are about memorizing anatomy are great. You can check them out. here they are


How about for subjects that require more understanding such as immunology? I feel like I"m not connecting topics and going straight from slides to Anki is not working. I’m more visual. Any advice?

If you post a specific example of the information, we could brainstorm ideas.

I did not pass my course and need some help on connecting things and applying my knowledge.

Watching a video on this topic might help
Understanding leads to better memory i thinķ

Taking a minute to think about each sentence/term also helps instead of blindly memorizing…using questions what,when,how, where (make sure to not to go very deep) might help in understanding or atleast create memorable patterns.

Afterwards you can either write it down (normal method of memorization) or maybe build a palace (others will be able to help you with that)

Then revise the same

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