Add Your Photo to Memory League Names!


Would you like people to remember you?

Add your photo to the Memory League Names game!

The more photos we have, the less repetition of faces there will be for people training and competing in Names.

Photos should clearly show your head and shoulders, preferably with a plain background.

Here’s the page to upload a photo:


What about pictures from family members and friends? If they give us permission, could we upload images from them as well?


I’ll upload mine.
What is the best size to upload? width & Height?

(Simon Orton) #4


  1. Thanks for uploading your photo! Unfortunately it’s a bit blurry - do you have a clearer one? Preferably at last 500 pixels wide and high.

  2. Good question about family and friends. For legal reasons, we need people to upload their own photos - however, the upload page is now available to people who aren’t logged in, so you could send the link to your family or friends for them to upload their own photo.

@Erol: Thanks very much - ideally we’d like a clear photo at least 500 pixels in width and height. We’ll add this info to the upload page.


Are we allowed to make a funny face? :^)


Thank you Simon.
I’ve just uploaded one of my images in 500x500.
It’ll be strange to see my own image with a different name :slight_smile:

(Simon Orton) #7

Thanks Erol! Even that one is a bit blurry when cropped, so let’s up the minimum size to 800x800. If you can send through a larger version of the same photo, that would be great - otherwise the one we’ve got is good enough to use.


I will have to try again then. My Smartfone-Camera or my ability to use it is rather bad. This was already one of the less blurry images. And I took around 20 images.


Where do you get the names from the start? There is so many at ML!


Hi Simon,
I’ve uploaded a new 800x800 image.
Hope this is a better one.