Adaptations to the Picture Recognition Test

I have done the picture recognition test with my audiences. The test where they see a number of pictures for anywhere from 1 to 0.1 seconds each and then have to pick the pictures they have seen from a few that appear on the screen at a time.

First attempt is 50 pictures for one second each and then two options to pick, A or B.
The second is 100 images for 3/4th of a second each and then four options, A to D.

Both times as good as everyone (few exceptions) manage to answer at least 80% correct. The first one sees almost everyone get above 90% even.

But that is pictures. Has anyone here ever tried this test with something like words or numbers?
Or have you demonstrated the power of recognition in another way?


Did that help anyone hesitant to trying memory techniques because of their respective beliefs regarding their learning aptitudes ?

I am sad everytime I meet someone that is discouraged before even starting to learn. Always trying to find good tricks to get even the toughest student to let him/herself go for a second.

I am dreaming of a too fun of a game where people need to use their imagination to learn and can’t get enough of it!

I would be curious to see how well they would do with AAC images but instead of picking out the picture they have seen, making them pick the meaning by word or sentence . And try vice versa would also be interesting.


At they have a test for word recognition. Verbal memory it is called on the site. All you have to do is say if you’ve seen the word before or not. I scored 125 at around 0,5 to 1 second exposure to each word.

You should also checkout this:

You get to see 100 random items and have to look at them for a short time and then later you are shown one item and have to click on the number of its position.


It did make some open to learning more about how powerful their memory can be, and thus create an opening for me to teach.

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