Aboriginal memory technique may work better than Sherlock's 'memory palace'

I was reading this article and it seemed to me to be missing a few of the major points of memory techniques in general and Sherlock.
For example, they seemed to be confusing a peg board and a memory palace. Also they do not seem to understand that memory techniques are built around the journey method which is the other method they are using.
I think the problem for me is they are giving them a list of butterflies and then just attaching them to a location and going this does not work as well as using the journey method however it is better than nothing. If I wanted to memorise a list I would use the journey method and this would take place in a mind palace or am I missing something?
For the bad guy this would just be going to the relevant filing cabinet, finding the file and reading the list. For Sherlock this might mean in his memory palace going to see his butterfly irregular and having him show a butterfly pin board of the 20 butterflies in four rows of five so he can jump to the fiftieth if he wants. The irregular would have a journey tale connecting the butterflies together.
It does seem to confirm that if you want to remember make it as vivid as possible.

I think you are missing my point. A mind palace is a collection of peg or peg locations however you use it by following journeys or am I missing something?

Little misunderstanding… that wasn’t meant as a quote… I was just pointing you to the already existing post talking about this very topic.

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Doh, thank you.

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