AA-ZZ 60000+ Celebrity's Names by gender and occupation. (with links.) And also Single Names Celebs.

The PDF documents below contain 60000+ names of popular celebrities allover the world.
I took my time to arrange everything in systematical order and by gender. SEE FOR YOURSELF.

Note: Only those top names on each box are by gender. The rest of the names on that same box are mixed which makes some of the first set of names to appear twice - but that shouldn’t be a problem, just focus on the first names.

[Webmaster’s note: the files are in the comments below.]

This is brilliant!

Thanks Iam. Wish you posted it last week. Would have saved me a lot of work. Still, it will be a big help. Good job.

Where can i donwload this file?

Sorry about that. I still need to import the attachments into the new site. In the meantime, here are the links to the files:

Attachment Size
aa-az._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.19 MB
ba-bz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.08 MB
ca-cz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.07 MB
da-dz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.03 MB
ea-ez._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 935.88 KB
fa-fz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 793.26 KB
ga-gz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 976.91 KB
ha-hz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 858.49 KB
ia-iz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 659.12 KB
ja-jz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.69 MB
ka-kz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 856.41 KB
la-lz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1008.41 KB
ma-mz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.3 MB
na-nz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 761.45 KB
oa-oz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 628.74 KB
pa-pz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 895.47 KB
qa-qz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 424.87 KB
ra-rz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 824.49 KB
sa-sz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 925.04 KB
ta-tz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.02 MB
va-vz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 676.24 KB
wa-wz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 811.06 KB
xa-xz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 570.8 KB
ya-yz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 623.92 KB
za-zz._comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 530.86 KB
and_finally._a-z_one_word_comprehensive_celebritys_names_by_gender.pdf 1.63 MB

Thank you so much Josh. I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much for your great work. Can you publish the names with the missing letter U ?

What exactly is the use of this???


Letter system for words you are unfamiliar with is one of them. You can use it for zip codes or even general codes in stores and such. You can also use it to build up other systems like a binary system. You can easily turn it into an 8-digit binary system but 9- and 10-digit systems are also possible (though 10-digit needs a little expansion of a standard alphabet system). You can turn it into 26 memory palaces with 26 loci each.

The possibilities stop where your creativity stops.