A Study on Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory

Individuals who have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM) are able to recall, with considerable accuracy, details of daily experiences that occurred over many previous decades. The present study parametrically investigates the quantity and quality of details of autobiographical memories acquired 1-week, 1-month, 1-year, and 10-years prior in HSAMs and controls. In addition, we tested the consistency of details provided at the 1-week delay by testing the subjects 1 month later with a surprise assessment. At the 1-week delay, HSAMs and controls recalled an equivalent number of events. In contrast, HSAM recall performance was superior at more remote delays, with remarkable consistency following a 1-month delay. Further, we revealed a relationship between the consistency of recall and HSAMs’ obsessive–compulsive tendencies. These data suggest that HSAMs experience normal encoding, yet enhanced consolidation and later recall of autobiographical events.

Link: Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory: Quality and Quantity of Retention Over Time

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Wow! That’s interesting. What I think is interesting is they are able to recall better events earlier in their life rather than more current events.

Well this is very interesting and showa the limitless capability of human brain. More research should be done on this topic

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If you haven’t seen it yet, you might be interested in this discussion.

This means we can accqire it by training

It looks like it’s possible. Even in “natural” cases of HSAM, it seems like it may be a result of obsessive thinking about dates and events, which is a kind of “training” on some level.


Does pythogoren method will help in training for hsam.

From the post about Pythagoras? I would guess it would help, but I haven’t tried it. I’m starting that tonight though. I have a 40-location memory space that I use to remember what to focus on in life, so I just added Pythagoras method to that.

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Дали има вероятност моето дете са има хипертимезия?Той си спомня кога,например,сме ходили някъде по дати и часове,година назад,на кои дати съм била на работа в рамките на 2 години ,колко пари е струвало таксито до някъде,преди 3 год.,какво е било времето с подробности,пак година назад… И още такива неща,които впечатляват много хора.Тук в България,не съм чула да правят някакви изследвания за това

via Google Translate:

Is my child likely to have [hyperthymesia]? He remembers when, for example, we went somewhere in dates and hours, a year ago, on what dates I was in work for 2 years, how much did the taxi cost to somewhere, before 3 year, what was the time with details, again a year ago … And more such things that impress many people. Here in Bulgaria, I have not heard that they do any research

How old is your son?

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На 9 почти

[Almost 9]