A Potential Spatial Working Memory Training Task to Improve Both Episodic Memory and Fluid Intelligence



I found this study very interesting:

A Potential Spatial Working Memory Training Task to Improve Both Episodic Memory and Fluid Intelligence

One current challenge in cognitive training is to create a training regime that benefits multiple cognitive domains, including episodic memory, without relying on a large battery of tasks, which can be time-consuming and difficult to learn. By giving careful consideration to the neural correlates underlying episodic and working memory, we devised a computerized working memory training task in which neurologically healthy participants were required to monitor and detect repetitions in two streams of spatial information (spatial location and scene identity) presented simultaneously (i.e. a dual n-back paradigm)…

Participants were presented with a 3D room containing 8 picture frames (Figure 1). Images of real-world scenes were presented one at a time in these frames (duration 1000 ms, inter-stimulus interval 2500 ms) and participants were asked to monitor the real-world scenes as well as the locations in which they were presented. The task started as a 1-back task on the first block of training in the first training session, and was ratcheted to N-back in subsequent blocks according to the participant’s performance.


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That’s an interesting idea to add a three-dimensional spatial element.

I saved the text to my phone to read before bed.

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this is an interesting read, I have used a reference from it in my dissertation and used a background research for my studies.

I wanted to ask on memory, i’m doing a study as part of my MSc in Psychology and needed participants who may be interested in the topic of memory.

Please could you help me gather some participants on this topic.

Participant Invitation

Study Title: Using the development skills of memory in children, can this technique be used to improve Working memory in adults?

You are invited to take part in a research study that I am conducting as part of my studies in psychology at the University of Derby. The study looks at Working Memory training and age. The participants will be asked to perform a word recall test and half of the participants will also be asked to perform a Working Memory training activity. The study will take 25 minutes. If you are interested in taking part in the study.

Best wishes,

Researcher: Ravinder Gill, [email protected]

Supervisor: Rhian Worth, [email protected], Telephone number: 01332 592818.

In order to take part in the study:


1- you have to be fluent in the English Language

2- you need to be between the ages of 40- 71

3- take the survey on a PC or laptop device.

Please choose from the options below:

Survey option 1 with training:


Survey option 2 no training:


Thank you for your participation.


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