A modern take on mental arithmetics now with Flash Anzan!

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m the founder of One Color Games. My first app Mental Math Expert could be interesting for you, it’s a new and modern take on the very old subject mental arithmetics. You can train what you like and your preferred number range, try to beat the story mode or just get challenged :slight_smile:

For more information:

Get the Android version here:

Get the iOS version here:

I’m happy to help you if you got any questions :slight_smile:

Kind regards
Gunnar Hohlweg
One Color Games ApS

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I like it a lot. Nice graphics!

Thank you, have fun :slight_smile:

This is really good. I would like to see a version for Windows / Mac / Linux.

I am glad to hear that you like the app and see a potential to expand it to those operation systems. Maybe I get time for it some time, but at the moment my hands are full with some other features (refining the app) and new projects :slight_smile:

Excellent app, I use it every day for hours. Thanks

That sounds great thank you, please consider rating the app on the store, it helps allot :slight_smile:

There is no way to adjust the length of the dividend. Sometimes the dividend is huge.

Hi Hypersonic

What exact divident are you talking about? I’m guessing you are talking about the Training section Divition or Square root, there are options to edit this in the settings icon appearing when selecting the operator. I hope this helps, else please specify your problem a bit more, and I will be happy to help you.

The division section is buggy. The dividend is sometimes huge. The left input box doesn’t seem to have an effect on the dividend. However, the right input box does work; it changes the divisor.

Hi again

I discovered this bug my self, I’m going to fix it.
Thank you Hypersonic for pointing this out.
The number range you are selecting on the screenshot is defining the range of the end result, so it is not defining the divisor or divident.

Just got home and fixed the bug. It is live now on Android please update to version 1.0.27. iOS is getting the update within 1-2 days when Apple approves it.
Once again thank you for pointing out this bug :slight_smile:
If you have any other issues do not hesitate to contact me again.

Hi all I just wanted to let you know that I have added Flash Anzan to Mental Math Expert!
You can find it under Training and do the following:
Set number time
Set time between numbers
Set amount of questions
Set number range
Choose between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or mix them.

I hope you will like this, if you find any issues or have suggestions please let me know.

Happy training :slight_smile:

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Tried it on my HTC 10. Works great!

Small issue:
The 2000 ms before start and the 500 ms between numbers can be temporarily changed. However, this does not stick.
If I change both numbers to 1000 and 250 for example, I see results. If I then go back to the settings they are back at 2000 and 500.

The ‘+’ works. If I try ‘-’ I get the count down and after that the app stops working.

For flash anzan one only needs to add, so this is not a problem for me.

Hi Kinma

Thank you for reporting these issues, I have fixed them both so please update to app version 1.0.65 to get the fix.

For the minus operator in flash anzan, it works best in combination with other operators, as I prevent the result from becoming negative, unless you have selected a number range which is part or complete in the negative area.
If you just try to train the minus operator with a positive number range you will only get zeroes! Try it together with the plus operator and you will have a much better experience :slight_smile:

I hope this was of help.

Kind regards

Any way you could add a paid option for no ads? I hate ads and am willing to pay to get rid of them if I use something regularly. I have never developed anything for Android (or anything else, for that matter), so I don’t know if there are significant obstacles in the way of doing that, so maybe this isn’t reasonable, idk.