A method which I had used today for for memorising numbers along with my scores in the Memory League

Edit- I have improved this method in post number 11 below and that method also contains a small PAO System which is optional in that method.

Edit- Fixed a spelling and a grammar mistake.

Today I had used a method in which you imagine yourself teaching 10 people(for the numbers 0-9) and then you can imagine the following things-

  • A person associated with a number shape throwing a number shape at you.

  • A person associated with a number shape performing an action with a number shape to another person.

  • A person associated with a number shape performing an action with a number shape with another person.

And it is very important to-

  • Recall the numbers and their images at the same time

  • Describe your visualisations in words

And credit to @Erol for creating the Shaper System which is used by me in this system currently for the numbers 0-9 but in the future I intend to learn the number shapes of 1-99 and also decide their associated professions(mostly) and if this system is a Person-Action-Object-Person system then this demonstrates that The Shaper System can also become a Person-Action-Object-Person(PAOP) system just like it can become a PAO.

And also I do not take much credit for the system which I have written about as most of this system contains other people’s systems and also this system does not contain a memory palace it contains a system which Socrates used which I believe was made by him and below are two lists and also my score using this system today on the Memory League where I hardly used to get the score of 16 before using this and other techniques-

List of the Number Shapes used (Note-The number shapes which I use are different from The Shaper System and for the original and for the original list which contains the numbers 0-99 you can visit the following link and an advantage of the list in the Shaper System which you can find in the link above is that using it will make you faster and more accurate when memorising numbers)

List of Number Shapes which are used by me

  1. Egg
  2. Stick
  3. Wire
  4. Chef’s Hat
  5. Glass
  6. Swan
  7. Whistle
  8. Knife
  9. Snowman
  10. Earphone

List of mostly Professions

  1. An ordinary child
  2. A craftsman
  3. An electrician
  4. A chef
  5. A wine Server
  6. A bird man
  7. A train conductor
  8. A butcher
  9. A person from a movie containing a snowman
  10. An employee of a call center

An exact example from the 2th Photo where my score is 17 is below

= A wine person throwing his chef’s hat towards me and a snowman tapping the wire in his ear phone with two whistles 4128659968542999.


This is great! However, you still have to use a location for this story to happen.

Starting with your Wine-Person throwing his Chef’s Hat;
What is the location?
Where is he standing?
Where are you standing?

Let’s assume you are standing at the Entrance of a Kitchen as your first location, and your Wine-Person is the Chef standing by the Cooker, and does his action. This would be more memorable as you’d have a place for him and for yourself in a location.

What you have applied here is “Chain-Linking” method. You have linked all the persons doing an action to another. Which is not a bad idea if this works well for you.

What you can do next is to learn the full 2 digit images and you can double the amount of digits you can memorize.

So if your Wine-Person was 2 digits,
Wearing a Chef’s Hat is another 2 digits,
“Throwing” is another 2 digits,
“You” as another 2 digits,

Then you’ve already memorised 8 digits before you link the others.
this could then be called as “PCAP” Person-Clothing-Action-Person
2 Digit System with 8 Digits Method.

I would suggest you use locations for each of your mini-story links, which maybe 4, 6 or 8 digits at the most, and move on to the next location.

btw: I like your 03 as Chef’s Hat :slight_smile:
I think the action may be;
Putting on, or taking off his/her Chef’s Hat on or off the next object.

I will add this as a secondary image & action to my images database.

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I think you will eventually need a memory palace if you want to get better scores. Remembering one long chain of events is harder than using loci.

Right now you’re doing better than people can without mnemonics but not substantially. Keep practicing and if you get closer to level 10 using a simplified system like this then let us know!

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The location is in a theater and the wine person is standing in the place where the audience mostly sits but that place is without any chairs and and an example of that image is in an award show being broadcast on television which is displaying people in an award show standing and clapping when an actor is being awarded where the chairs are hidden by the people standing and performing an action(which in the method above is throwing and in this method people must imagined as throwing objects at yourself instead of clapping and they must also be separated from each other by some distance(ex-0.5m) for easier visualisation and better results) and I was standing at the stage of the theater in this method and I believe that if in his imagination a person is far away at enough distance from other people who are going to throw objects at him then it will easier to visualise for him.

I believe that if the distance of all the people is perfect in his visualisation along with the size of the location which is used with a very strong imagination and with efficient repetition then with enough practice his time to memorize and his accuracy will be greater than my results which I have posted above and I my total practice with all the methods which I have mentioned above is less than 10 minutes a day for 30 days which is less than 300 minutes or 5 hours and if a person will practice this method with purposeful practice combined with Focus Burst method for the same time while trying to increase the strength of his images and the efficiency of his memorisation then he may get the same results as me in 2 hours if he is a beginner or even lesser time if he is experienced,



I am trying to combine the Memory Palace with the method that I believe was made by Socrates and I think that this current method will be easier to teach in Schools than the memory palace and if the method which is used instead of memory palace in this method is combined with the memory palace method then this method will be even better

And examples by which this method can be taught in schools in its current version without the changes which I have written above are below

A poem with personified characters for learning the number shapes which I use but you can create your own number shapes and a poem for memorizing it quicker-

There is an Egg with a Stick with a Wire and a Hat
Then there is a Glass beating a Swan with Whistle and a Knife
Then there is a Snowman with an Earphone taking this poem to the sky.

How I created this poem - I thought of creating a story with complex links with dialogues and poems and as far as I can remember also songs and I believe this is the reason why this poem is song like and this also increases memory and makes the information stay longer and this information can be found in this forum post and I believe that others can also create poems like this to remember a list of things like objects,foods and names of subjects.

And this method can be taught like this-

A person can write in a black board the poem above with I have mentioned and can teach them with or without simple mnemonics for example-The Person Method and after which the students can be told to imagine a theater or perhaps the classroom itself and then they can imagine 10 imaginary people(Even people who are imaginary and without clear faces with a single digit number with a bit loosely associated with a single digit number and counting the number of people from 0-9 only in this method can help children with the order of the people)
and if the children will increase the detail of the faces and then children can imagine themselves at the stage and with 10 imaginary people associated with a number throwing things at them when the number associated with them needs to be memorized and I believe that this will be very fun and this method can be learnt in 1-2 hours depending on the experience of the person who is teaching it.

And for practice this method can also be used for memorising the questions and answers of maths textbooks but I will highly recommend also practicing and understanding the Q&A in Maths textbooks,

And as just a thought I am thinking what would happen if a TV program in one or more TV channels for children taught the method given above and in the end crediting the creators of the memory techniques in this method in the credits, I am sure the knowledge and popularity of Mnemonics will increase rapidly and they may even be start to be taught in schools as tens of millions of people will know them in days or months! and many parents may even start demanding that they be taught in schools and the channels which I am thinking can popularise memory techniques are- Disney Channel and Cartoon Networks which can spread the knowledge of Mnemonics to more than 50 million people and 6 million people respectively judging from their number of subscribers,



Scores of My today


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Can anyone tell me how not to get confused with 4 numbers with 2 digits each as my scores can be improved by not getting confused on the position of 4 numbers with 2 sets of 2 digits each and it will be easier for me to complete level 5 in Numbers in Memory League,

And below are my scores along with information on how they could have been improved without confusion

  1. Image 2 - Score- 14 ,Mixed up numbers because of confusion- 4
  2. Image 3 - Score- 16 ,Mixed up numbers because of confusion- 4
  3. Image 4 - Score- 16 ,Mixed up numbers because of confusion- 2

And with out confusion my scores could have been 18 for image 2,20 for image 3 and 18 for image 4 and can anyone tell me how to eliminate confusion and reduce repetition while using memory techniques,


Have a Great Day.

And can anyone tell me how to place a chunk of numbers in the correct starting position and I know of a technique using which you can know the exact position of everything you memorise like the order of numbers but for me it will take a lot of time to set up and nowadays I do not have that much time,However can anyone tell me an easy way of knowing the correct order of numbers and if this question along with the question above is answered then I believe that my and some other people’s number memorisation scores will improve dramatically,



Usually when memorizing long numbers a memory palace is used. If you put two numbers per location you can keep them in order within the location by having a system. An example of a system for that would be always placing the images from left-to-right or top-to-bottom within a location.

If you have 10 locations in a room like this:

memory palace with 10 locations

and you’re placing two images per location,

and the first four images are:

  1. car
  2. iced tea
  3. apricots
  4. goat

then the first location could hold a car crashing into a large glass of iced tea (driving from the left to right), and the second location could have apricots falling on to a goat like hail (top to bottom).

When you recall the images, in the first location you’ll see the car to the left of the iced tea which means that the car is first. In the second location you’ll see the apricots on top of the goat, meaning that the apricots are first.

If the iced tea were on top of the car it would mean that the iced tea comes first instead of the car.

If the goat were standing on a pile of apricots, then the goat image would be first and the apricots would be second.

I’m not sure if that idea would fit into your system, but it’s one way to manage that problem.

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The Scores of my today

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Scores of my today

I have updated my method in this version of this method I sometimes imagine the People near the theater performing an action with an object and then throwing that object at me and this method works best when I imagine each person’s face clearly and know their position and I do this with a few people whom I know but I think that making and learning a PAO will make doing this much more easier and more complete as the people will be associated with numbers and I will be able to imagine them,

And by seeing my scores from yesterday and today I have seen the difference between my current scores and the scores of my today by using this version of this method which would have been greater if I would have positioned some of the digits correctly as in the first,second and the third image.

And these are my scores without using a PAO with 10 persons,actions and objects needed for this system and I think that others who have learnt the PAO system and The Shaper System will with practice do better than me,



Edit- Removed a Photo which I had accidently downloaded and pasted once again.
My Scores Today

Now I use the Linking Method for the last numbers.


My scores today-


I had thought of a poem and I am posting a quote with it and how I wrote that poem which I think can be used for strengthening the memories of lists and I believe that with some changes it can be used with the method which I had posted above and even memory palaces and other memory techniques and maybe this method can even be made faster.

WIP Improvements for this method -

I am thinking of Chain Linking all the people,actions and locations to one another and also encoding information in the location(s) which I will like to do using the Locus upon Locus method and this can give its user 2x as many associations when compared to the version of the system with a small PAO system combined which can be found in post number 11,

The reason for Chain Linking all the people,actions and locations to one another because all the associations will be linked(perhaps associated) to one another and I as far as I can remember I had read in a post from Quora that there are 25 people in the world who remember everything and in that post it was implied that their brains connect(or maybe) almost everything with each other and due to this they can remember everything,

And In this WIP memory technique I am trying to associate all the information with each other hoping to have as great memory as they have for the information that I have encoded and if this happens then I believe that this technique will work for others also with similar results with enough training(maybe tens of hours of training),

Problem- I am unable to convert my idea into a method for remembering things

**And if you want then you can also work on improving this method and solving the problem above and if you are working on improving this method and solving the problem above then I request you to post your progress in this form in a new topic so that other people can more easily find your work on this forum and you get credited for your work with greater accuracy **,

And if I can by using 10 people(Most of them without faces),10 objects,1 action and 1 location can memorize 10 digits without using my Short Term memory then maybe you can with a two digit PAO and 1 location memorize 30 digits with the same experience that I have which is about 6 hours,

and thanks to Erol for posting that I have linked all the persons doing an action to one another as it was because of that post that I came to know what I was doing,which I am trying to improve maybe with other people in the future,



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My scores today

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If you like this type of person than look it.

I don’t know is this good or bad , intention is to help.

00 - binoculars = Researcher
01 - shield nand sword = Sword master
02 - Hoover = housewife
03 - Rabbit = pet trainer
04 - chopping board & knife = Chef
05 - Lantern = Lanternman
06 - golf club - sports player
07 - megaphone - vegetable seller
08 - pool ball =
09 - grenade = army man
10 - fat man
11 - drumsticks - drummer
12 - needle and thread - sewing worker
13 - pregnant women
14 - Heart - lover
15 - helper


I have added one more option to this method

Putting a location in an object and then increasing and decreasing its size proportionally

For example- 04
In this example the zero in italics is associated with the door if the house which is the first location in most houses and the number four above is associated with a Glass which is a number shape which I use and this can be imagined as a glass containing a door instead of a door which has a glass near it and when remembering these numbers you can think that if an object has an environment in it then the number associated with the environment comes before the number associated with the object and If memory is correct then I believe that this will work for most people if not all people as I have been using this method for a few times and I had mostly forgotten how I used to encode numbers using this option in the start and now it has become automatic.

**An advantage of this option for me is that after using this option(Automatically) I was able to recall the images of 8 numbers(May be because I most of the time try to encode 8 numbers and then revise them by speaking the things I have imagined in words, **

And I have been able to recall the two numbers which I have encoded using this option always correctly.


Have a Great Day.

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I am also working on another option in which you take the shape of a digit and convert it into a person for example-

The number 60 can be a fat person holding an egg
as the number as there is a circle in the shape of 6 which I believe is mostly found in people who are fat and the 0 can be converted into an image of an egg which is a number shape of Zero.

And the number 88 can be an unhealthy person holding a snowman as the shape of 8 is like the shape of many or some unhealthy people and the Snowman is the number shape of 8 which is used by me which can be converted into a picture of an unhealthy person holding a snowman.

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Today with some changes to this collection of this method and a change to the manner which I used memorized numbers I was able to reach Level 6 and below is an image of all the memorized numbers in 60 seconds-