A method to link memory palaces

Is there a tried and tested way to link memory palaces together? I have about 7 small ones and they’re not difficult to manage but I need to make at least 10 or 15 more. Using a hallway with some doors was too repetitive to stick to my memory.
Does anyone have any ideas? How do you link your palaces?

Are you going to use them for random competition data or long-term information storage?

If you’re using them for long-term data, then the image stored at the last location of one journey could be linked to the first image in the next journey.

If that won’t work for you, maybe try mentally walking through your journeys in order a few times per day, paying extra attention to the jumps between journeys. It probably will stick after two or three days of doing that.

I have toyed with a similar problem.

My thought was to create a bunch of imaginary passageways between palaces: elevators, escalators, hidden passages, tunnels, alleyways, roads, waterways, etc, as well as various imaginary modes of transportation, like rockets, helicopters, and so on.

I think my idea might be too elaborate, but it appeals to my sense of fun.

I use my own method which started out as this, a memory “city” rather than a memory palace.

I also got a few memory palaces based on a logical connection between multiple separate palaces, like this one. All palaces in this list can be combined into one, huge memory palace.

Gavino also has a great system for linking various palaces.

hope it helps you, feel free to ask for help whenever needed!

Thank you everyone for your help~
I’m using memory palaces for long term memorization. Also I linked some of the palaces in a more linear method by actually travelling to the next one instead of just teleporting and organized them in a more organic fashion. It helped a lot!

Mine have a hallway with coloured doors, 10 doors - each leading to a palace (some still under construction).