A Memory Palace for understanding info

People give their memories a place by using the memory palace technique but they do not give their understanding any palce in any of their Memory Palaces, Why?,

I did that and it increased my comprehension,

However, Do not try to store both memory and comprehension in a single memeynaplace other wise this technique will not work,

And also taking everything for granted when reading I get 100% comprehension most of the time** with out any side effects maybe because it makes the words seem more familiar, But it works try it,

It takes a less than 5 seconds to read and try it and it Works!,




What type of information do you use it for? Can I use it for school as well?

I used it for a textbook-Edward De Bruno’s Lateral Thinking,

I have used the part of this post which gives me 100% comprehension most of the time for my studies.

I will test using a Memory Palace for comprehension in my studies more before posting the outcome of my test as I have tested it only once.

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