A list of all memory techniques

Good day everyone! I am trying to compile a list of memory techniques for personal use. All I know is:

  1. Memory palace
  2. The magnetic memory method courtesy of Sir Metivier
  3. The link method
  4. The peg system
  5. The journey method
  6. Muscle memory by repetitive motions
  7. Spaced repetition method

Hopefully I can share these amazing skills with my daughter as she’s in senior high now and has lots of study information to remember. Thank you!

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The memory palace and journey method are synonymous terms and can be used interchangeably - they shouldn’t be listed as separate techniques. And unless I am mistaken the magnetic memory method is just what metivier calls the method of loci, I don’t think he invented anything innovative in that regard. Other than that it looks like a pretty good list, nothing much comes to mind that is missing.

Thank you for your opinion!

To build upon what Chump said, maybe it’s best to use the Method of Loci as the fundamental technique and have the Memory Palace and Journey Methods be considered variations in how groups of loci are organized.

I agree with him in that at the loci level, they are the same technique. How they are organized seems to be what differs.


There’s a list here:


Thank you!

Lynne Kelly’s excellent book Memory Craft (Pegasus, 2020) has 6 pages of Appendix A which lists 31 memory methods along with examples, what they might be used for, and references to where they’re described in the book. It’s one of the most comprehensive lists I’ve seen to date and in particular covers a variety of methods used by indigenous cultures which aren’t discussed in many other (Western focused) texts.

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