A bell button for immediately informing forum user(s) about a new post

Some times when we PM other peope they immediately recieve a mail but if I post about them by taking their name and not using their auset name they likely will not recieve an email or even know about it at all and due to this I have an idea of a bell icon(And by clicking it that post can be sent as an email to another person immediately signalling him to reply to that post),

Advantages- * This will help people to get a reply for long forgotten topics for which they may wait for a reply even today or for a long time,

  • This will help people to know that someone has mentioned them in a post.

Disadvantages- This feature can be overused in sending more messages than is actually necessary(And so a sort of an algorithmic system may be needed in which a new bell can be given to that user after sometime the user which they have made a mail sent to has arrived in the Art of Memory Forum which we can find any way by clicking on the name tag of a person through two parameters in it,Some forum users will know what I was talking about, And that user agrees to have have another user sent a bell.

Which can also be in limited quantity like likes,

This featur can likely satisfy some of the users if not most of the users of the Art of Memory for sometime and almost all of the features which I have written about are already in the Art of Memory which can make the implementation of this feature if this is imaplemented faster and I suspect that this feature will increase relations between the community or something like that.

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Can it not be adjusted under your profile → Preferences → Emails? (See picture)

Personally, I prefer not to receive overly many emails. We live in a world of constant connection with constant notifications that forces us to make a decision. Thousand of tiny decisions every day caused by the internet of things… Every decision tires our brain, however small they are when they are not purely habits (well, even habits tires us out if enough of them, just not as draining).
And, since there is no consistency in the notifications and emails we get, they will never become a habit for least drainage.

I live in Denmark, where EU have made this weird law of data protection so EVERY time i visit a website, I now have to decide if I want to allow the website to store 4 different data sets, 3 different data sets, 2 or 1… Or if i should just leave the website. On top of that, many websites now comes up with “can we send you notifications for this and that” just mind draining with all the decisions. Even if the decision is No.
For the privacy data points, there is not always a simple way to say “only necessary cookies” many times you have to undergo 2-3 clicks and scrolling to get only necessary cookies and analyze what is actually show.

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I did not know about that.

After reading your message I thought that this can still help people who are wating for a reply to their long forgotten posts however this can still be solved by a mesage to that person with his username,

And so I think that this feature is necessary.

Sorry, I didn’t see your posts here until now.

If you want to get a specific user’s attention, you can mention them with the @ sign (like this: @aicreator), though I recommend not doing it too often, because a lot of emails might annoy some people.

If the user has browser notifications turned on, mentioning their name like that will also create a pop-up on their computer or phone. Live notifications are controlled here. (See also this post on how to “install” the forum on your phone — it’s called a “progressive web app”.)

If a post hasn’t received a reply you can bump it by posting a comment on it. I wouldn’t recommend doing it very often, but sometimes it can get a discussion started.

You can also subscribe to specific users in your preferences. (Users can also be “ignored” there if anyone doesn’t want notifications from specific users.) If you click through all of the settings there, you might find a few other interesting ones. :slight_smile:

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