7th Mental Calculation World Cup 2016


Hi all. I was asked to post this information in this forum (Art of memory). This 2016 competition’s general information is taken from a recent official post in Yahoo’s Mental Calculation Group 3 days ago from the competition’s organizer: Dr. Ralf Laue.

I’d also like to add some social network links. For anyone with a FB page, a fanpage of the competition can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/mentalcalculationworldcup
Its wiki here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mental_Calculation_World_Cup
An intro article on this competition, in UK’s Guardians here:
And some videos with highlights of the 6 previous competitions:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzgaRkBjWMQ (MCWC 2014)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pJXfQCe6yM ('14 closing ceremony)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yhyw_bsDjg (MCWC 2012)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPTKZ4PLkMc ('12 champ doing Anzan)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mq_6b6Yo0d4 (MCWC 2010 champion)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jz9--bTcGGo (MCWC 2008)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o25DtVKj63U (MCWC 2006)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfCy43eDYyI (MCWC 2004)


(Josh Cohen) #2

Thanks – I’ve just added it to the competition calendar.


You’re welcome Josh.

By the way, this Sunday 29-05-2016 in our Yahoo Mental Calculation group , we received a reminder from Ralf, the organizer, about the registration deadline:


Looking forward to the YouTube videos of people sitting / standing, mumbling and then providing the answer :wink:

Wish I could be there if only to drink beer and suck up a lifetime worth of motivation.
I suspect I might learn something although, most of what I have learned so far falls under the heading of practice daily.


Hi Robert, last time (in Dresden, 2014) we did not get to record many videos as it happened in Giessen '12. But both '12 and '14 there was a professional Turkish photographer who accompanied Mr. Melik Duyar. However, his videos and his professional photographs are copyright of the Memoriad organization. If you check their FB group, their FB site or their YT page, you can find some more photos and videos for this particular contest. In the Web archive, I just managed to find a really good additional photo-report about MCWC-2012 (written in the News section of the old Memoriad website)

Other than that, we didn’t have many journalists or reporters surrounding us, because this is about a mathematical competition. After the competition, the organizer (Ralf) had e-mailed us about 60 MCWC-related articles, featured in many newspapers (German ones mainly). These articles were mainly reporting about the Japanese or the Indian winners, respectively. They totally deserve their mention and accolades.

Objectively, I guess all mind-sports (including WMC, MCWC and XMT) are not extremely exciting for the watchers. (pretty much the same as watching chess players competing). Some will find it interesting, some won’t ! But if those events were aired on TV, I’m sure few people would still watched them (on Eurosport, ESPN-sports or something similar). Because some folks even find it interesting to watch on TV, sports such as Darts, Rowing, Snooker, Squash or Tennis. With all due respect, for me Tennis is a small ball going back and forth in a large court. But I appreciate that the tennis players have to be in a great physical condition, have perfect eyesight, hand/feet coordination and reflexes. It’s a matter of taste.

But mind-sports competitions are much different that TV shows (like Superhuman) which are more flashy and individual-oriented. The biggest hurdle for televising mind-sports competitions is that they require simultaneous participation of many people. That brings more overall noise, which make it harder for competitors to focus. Just ask how people from WMC or XMT use earplugs to control noise.

Now, during breaks between the tasks, there is a chance for drinks and food in the buffet, in order to replenish some energy. But I don’t think they offer any alchoholic drink in the buffet, besides the occasional red wine. But I remember that Freddy in Giessen, drank lots of beer after his multiplication world record and his gold medal, and even inside the Memoriad Cup. But there were not any champagne-opening and such celebrations (like in Formula-1 though). In Memoriad, inside the venue in Turkey, all hotel’s facilities (Gym, Pool, Bar etc.) were “all-inclusive” (=free) for all the competitors. And until 10 p.m. all kinds of drinks in the hotel’s bar were free for the participants. I remember Andi Bell (I had recognised him from his TV appearances), was drinking some kind of whiskey (or vodka) with few other competitors in the bar. I found that sight strange, because as we all know alchohol somehow reduces brain’s agility, clarity and sharpness.(and whiskey (per weight) usually has 8 times more alchohol than beer). But okay, even ex-Memory World Champions like Andi, can have a break from time to time!
I remember reading Alexander Alekhine’s biography (one of the most genius Russian World Chess Champions) where it said that Alekhine was a known alcoholic during the 1930’s, and he had to detox in order to regain his World Title in '37.


Hello again folks. The MCWC 2016 will happen in a couple of weeks.

The participants list according to the official site :

Let’s hope a few records will be broken.


From the Yahoo MC group:

Congratulations to all participants. My score in Calendar calculation (to get my 3rd place) was “54 correct dates per minute”. (“calculate the day of the week for random dates”).
I could definitely do a better score, but okay. There is still the Memoriad 2016 in 5 weeks, in order to fix that.

The Asians as always rule supreme because their methods in calculation seem very efficient.
There is a lot to learn from them, in particular from the Japanese and the Indians.

(Josh Cohen) #8

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

I’m trying to find a way to go to Memoriad as a spectator. It looks like it will be great.


Hi Josh. Thanks.

In Memoriad the records will be ever higher because it’s easier to press buttons instead of writing.

I forgot to mention that in Addition there was a new WR by Mrs. Lee (Korea).
She did 10 tasks of adding 10 10-digit numbers (1000 digits in total), in less than 100 seconds. The previous WR was about 151 seconds by Granth Thakkar, the previous winner of MCWC 2014 (happened in Dresden)

I don’t know why the results from Bielefeld are not yet up here

so I started posting some screenshots of the individual MCWC 2016 results in my instagram:

  1. Addition 2016 results
  2. Mulitplication 2016 results
  3. Square Roots 2016 results
  4. Calendar 2016 results
  5. Combination/OVERALL 2016 results

Finally, today 1st and tomorrow 2nd October 2016, there is also the Open Turkish National Memoriad 2016 (the 10th in a row , happens annually since 2007), and it will be interesting to see some more provisional results, now 5 weeks before the International Memoriad in Vegas. I’m next to Turkey, but I decided to skip this Open, in order to focus on the main international Memoriad 2016 . (organised by Scott Flansburg and his sponsors).

Thanks for providing us space and bandwidth to post such information in this nice memory forum.