3 digits number system

Hi. I have my three digits system ready. Each number got assigned sth in my notebook (101 = toast for example) but I’ve been trying for months to commit all those pictures into my head and still it doesn’t happen. Any suggestions how to make them memorized by heart?
I was wondering whether for example it would make things simpler if I for each hundred got a category, say all nine hundreds are evil, all seven hundreds are about lightnings, or instead each hundred has a colour of its own (e.g. all one hundreds are crimson red).
Set them in memory palaces to make them memorised? Could work, but it seems boring.
Generally, Is it there a better way to achieve the goal of memorising all those 1000 picture - number associations?




I’m learning mine, i’m using anki, a free app on both phone and computer.
It uses a space repetition algorythm to optimize the time between each review considering how well you know what you are trying memorize.
You basically create decks of flash cards with the number in the front and the image in the back.
It is hard at the beginning but if you you keep going you will see that you know more and more images at each review.
I’m adding like 30 new images per day to memorize while reviewing those i’ve already added. You can add more but at some point it’s really boring and hard to learn too many new images per day.

It seems that you used the major system with your example, so you don’t really need categories, you kind of read the number with the sounds associated then the word comes up and then the image.

I don’t really like the idea of categories, it helps creating the system and learning it, but in my opinion it can be an obstacle when you are trying to go fast competition-wise, i feel like if you have too much images in the same category they tend to look the same and mix up during the recall.
That’s not a really good example but if you have like 4 or 5 kinds of bikes in your system, when going fast you might just memorize “bike” without the differentiating details, and during the recall you don’t remember which bike it is in your system.


1000 images is very challenging to memorise.

It seems you are using the major system for all 1000 images.

  • So the first thing would be to simply read it as a word out loud before you practice visualisation. So when you see 101, read it out loud as Toast.

Here is what I would do if I was to memorise all 1000 of them.

  • Choose a single room as a locus for practising all 1000 images one after another.
  • Choose a single person, perhaps yourself. And place him/her in the room.
  • As you look at each 3 digit, say/speak it in your mind
  • As you speak it, imagine the whole image in the middle of the room.
    So if it’s 101, you’d say Toast, and see/imagine it in the middle of the room.
  • Make your person do something with the Toast. Perhaps s/he is eating the toast. By doing so, you are also creating an action for each if you are going to use PA or PAO.
  • While your person is eating the toast, notice any sounds that eating the toast creates.
  • While your person/or-you is eating the Toast, how does the person feel like while eating it? Enjoying, hating, laughing, crying, angry, happy, sad, hurt?
  • After s/he finished eating the toast, bring in the next 3 digits.
  • And repeat the process for all your images.

To improve your visualisation/imagination;

  • See/imagine the image as large as the person where necessary. So the toast would be as tall as the person him/herself.
  • Look at the colour/s of it.
  • Look at the shape of it
  • Hear the sound of it if any
  • Feel the weight of it
  • Feel the texture of it
  • Feel the taste of it if eatable.
  • Close your eyes and try to imagine how much of these details you can see.
  • Each time you look at that image, see if you can notice any other details.
  • Repeat this process for each image until each image is crystal clear in your mind that you can easily see/imagine it as if it’s real.
  • Practice the first 100 first until they are all programmed in your mind even if it takes more than a day or even a week.
  • Move onto the next 100 and so on until completed.

Extra tips

  • When you make the person do something with the image, in this case we used Toast as an example, think of what usually is done with that image. So if it’s a Toast, think of how a piece of Toast is used in real life. In most cases you’d eat it. If it’s a Chair, you’d normally sit on it, if it’s a glass of milk you’d normally drink it.
  • Try to make it abnormal where it is possible to make it even more memorable. Exaggerate it in a way that is Not normal. So for example after you take a bite of that Huge Toast, it may start Bleeding which is not something you’d see in real life, however it is certainly more memorable.

If you take your time to follow these steps above for each image, you’d have a better chance of memorising them for long term. In fact, with spaced repetition, it may up being a second nature to you, and you’ll have them programmed into your mind for life.

Good luck!