This is a system I started writing down in 26.07.2021 and forward. In September I felt confident enough to play rated games. From as low as 08-20~ digits memorized earlier on (were able to see little at the start of the Numbers), to 70/80 in 60s!

Its mostly anime characters. Here is from the shows/ animes/ games:

Mostly are from:
One Piece
League of Legends
Fairy Tail

900-999 has about ~85 characters from League of Legends
Have about ~80 One piece Characters 600-699 has lots of them there!
Roughly the same amount with Naruto characters, if not 100. Lots of them in 800-899
Many Bleach characters ~60, 700-799
Then have like 50 My Hero academia characters, within 200-299 and 541-570.

Between 100-199 is more Games characters from Warcraft 3 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
000-045 many One punchman characters. (31)

000- Saitama
001- Blast
002- Tank Top Master
003- Silver Fang
004- Atomic Samurai
005- Child Emperor
006- King
007- Glasses
008- Metal Bat
009- Murmen Rider
010- Flashy Flash
011- Sweet Mask
012- Watch Dog
013- Max Lightning
014- Eve (Fairy Tail character)
015- Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)
016- Genos
017- Puri puri
018- Shiriyu
019- Garou

(not done, more to come!)

As of 27th September, 80/80 in 1 min were achieved!

( -have to add, some numbers were grabbed during the run, where not converted to an Visuall image. BUT overall, the performance has increassed,. 161, 852 and 433 were “grabbed” did not see the visuall image for them.)


Hm. Does it mean everyone can share their 3digit images here? :thinking:

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If you want to :slight_smile:

I used Baby 5 for my 998