2022 resolution - building my own PAO system

I was thinking about that (creating my own PAO) for a long time and was making couple attempts to do that. That’s another one, and I hope a successful one that time.

Why do I need it? Mostly for fun. I am not sure if it can be used practically so wanting it “only for fun” is just to not expect much from it. Except the fun, or together with the fun, - I would like to be able to remember numbers more easily, dates adn codes of legal documents, miscellaneous data that is interesting to me in some particular cases (like water quality data of my local council, cadastral map numbers and so on), passwords and phone numbers, medical data, history…

I am working on 00-99. I have now 19, 28, 39, 46, 54, 66, 70, 71, 76, 99. They’re not very strong yet. I am having trouble even with these ones. But they’re more or less defined. I am mostly not using major system - it doesn’t really work for me, more about this next time, to define the problem for myself. Basically, I apply weak associations, like 46 is the age of death of a local singer that died in a car crash. So 46 is that singer, Skryabin, [person], driving [action] a car [object]. Not sure if that’s a good approach, not sure if driving is a good action, because I immediately imagine a car with “driving”. I am struggling with the actions particularly.
71 (born in 1971) is Elon Musk [person] smoking [action] a joint [object].
76 (born in 1976) is Ramzan Kadyrov [person], dancing lezginka [action] with knives [object].

What would be 7146 then? Elon Musk driving? But I immediately imagine him driving a car. Would it mean that I will remember it as 714671, as Musk driving a car? Not sure if that would interfere with memorizing. Should I replace driving then maybe? Need to think about it. Yeah, driving seems to be a bad action. I have elephant as an object in 19 and riding as an action. How to differentiate between “driving an elephant” and “riding an elephant”. Possible, but unnecessary hard.

I am not sure how it is supposed to work if there are only 4 digits, instead of 6 digits, like 7671 - “Kadyrov smoking”. I would imagine a cigarette there too. And that would become 767176. Maybe I can get out of it by creating the object for 71 as a very precise joint with marihuana? Then a cigarette or a pipe is not 71.

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I think driving is fine as an action, it allows you to get silly. So in your example, can you imagine Elon Musk driving a joint? Is that something you can see in your head well? I like it. Im seeing this giant joint, Elon is sitting on top and there is a steering wheel coming out of the joint.

As for driving versus riding, this may trip you up if youre on memory league but how i would do it…

Driving- Steering wheel
Riding- Saddle and reins


Oh, imagining stuff is easy, what is hard is to stop imagination. Elon Musk driving a joint? Great! But it’s 71-46-71. What if I need 71-46 only? How can I do Elon driving without imagining a car? He is driving something. I have no idea how people that use PAO do that in situations like that.

For now, I think that maybe I should have some “stoppage object”. For example, “sugary pink goo”. So, if Elon is driving and the wheel is covered in sticky pink goo - it’s 71-46 - and nothing after that.

Great idea about

thanks, I changed my 99 yesterday “Popeye steering wheel” to avoid interfering, it was like that one https://imgur.com/gallery/P8cVvga ,
to Popeye [person] gulping/swallowing [action] spinach/canned food [object].

If youre just going 4 you could skip the action and just go with the object.

Elon Musk in a car or Elon Musk on a car like hes modeling it(maybe a new Tesla)

Hm, didn’t think about skipping the action. I am afraid that would mess with the order. I wouldn’t be able to remember if I skipped the action or not.
But yeah, I need to remember that some constraints are artificial and I can break them without too bad consequences. Not that one though. Allowing skipping the action would make me very anxious.

I think I would also need to have a set of objects for 0-9

1 - a spear, a jedi sword (lightsaber) ? Can I have 2 possible objects, I wonder…
2 - a swan, a goose
3 -
4 - a chair
5 -
6 -
7 - a scythe
8 - matryoshka or glasses
9 -
0 - a manhole

For example, I want to remember law № 552-IX. How would I do that? Does it make sense to create images for hyphen and №? Probably, not for №. But for the hyphen, I think yes. Not sure.

There is also an issue with how people usually say it. They say “five hundred fifty-two”, not “fifty-five two”. So I probably would need some images or persons for hundreds too, I guess? Oh, well. Let’s just do 00-99 first and then we’ll see.

For that law, № 552-IX, I need 55 or 52. Not even thinking about Roman numerals for now.
So, 52 can be Putin, born in 1952.
Putin riding a horse - taken.
Putin kissing a child on the stomach - can a child be made an object? I don’t think so.
Putin fishing with a fishing rod? Not sure fishing is a good object, but it’s the best so far.

55? Whoopi Goldberg? Scraping or scratching the blackboard, like in here: Sister Act 2 - The Classroom scene (funny) - YouTube Is that a good action…

02 - Bruce Lee doing nunchaku action? But what is his action? Striking? 02 because there are two sticks in a nunchaku. So, Bruce Lee striking with nunchaku, maybe? Or maybe it should be 11 instead of 02?

04 - Viktor Yushchenko, Former President of Ukraine, because of the 2004 Orange revolution? But what is his action? Something with bees, maybe?

08 - Viktor Tsoi? Because of his song “8th grade girl”. Viktor Tsoi planting cucumbers? Because of another of his songs “Cause I’m // planting aluminum cucumbers, aaah, // on a tarpaulin field”. That one Кино - алюминиевые огурцы ( виктор цой ) - YouTube But it’s not that easy to imagine him doing it… Can it be remembered? I definitely remember the lyrics.

Then, maybe 25 is another singer, Boris Grebenshchikov, because “I am 25 years old” song? But what is he doing? What is his object? Борис Гребенщиков - Я инженер на сотню рублей (25 к 10) из к/ф "Иванов". Полная версия - YouTube Playing guitar?

All that is surprisingly exhausting.

3 can be comb or seagull or handcuffs;
03 can be Zach Woods, just because zero/Zach, not sure about action and object yet.

Moving Bruce Lee from 02 to 11, it looks more like nunchaku. So,
11 - Bruce Lee striking with nunchaku;

97 - Hit-Girl (born 1997) with colorful memorable purple hair hiding behind something? Or inserting (what’s the right verb?) shards of glass into something, like here ( https://imgur.com/gallery/kLbZTDT )?
In the last gif here - https://imgur.com/gallery/k2ZOj she’s hiding behind something, - a wall, a pole, a bollard, a pillar? Can a pillar be a good object?

6 - a kettlebell
9 - an air balloon?

5 - is a fishing hook, from here: Number Shape System for Memorizing Numbers - YouTube Any kind of hook can do, actually. Like, Captain Hook’s thing.
So, for one-digit numbers it’s now:

0 - manhole, bublik
1 - spear, lightsaber
2 - swan, goose
3 - seagull, handcuffs, comb
4 - chair, flag
5 - fishing hook
6 - kettlebell
7 - scythe
8 - matryoshka, glasses
9 - toy balloon, air balloon

17 was Lenin for a long time, it was Lenin [person] making speech [action] on a “Austin armored car” [object]. Object sounds better in Russian - “броневик”. Like here:

But I found it to be a bad object. Too specific. Too inconvenient. I think I’ll change it to “podium”.
Like here:


I hope it’s usable enough. But only time and practice will tell for sure. So,17 = “podium”, like here: https://imgur.com/gallery/mNkVG or

So, 71-46-17 would be Elon Musk driving a podium.
17-19-52 - Lenin riding a fishing rode
11-17-99 - Bruce Lee making a speech on a big can of spinach
and so on… ok, kinda works, I need to finish all numbers to practice and change if needed. Lenin took too much time.

[03], [04], [07], 08;
10, 11, [12], 17, [18], 19;
25, [26], 28, [29];
[37], 39;
50, 52, 54, 55, [57], [58];
70, 71, [75], 76;
94, [97], [98], 99.

[07] - James Bond (Pierce Brosnan), ? [action], ? [object];
10 - Jesus crucified on a cross;
[12] - Ostap Bender - Wikipedia as Andrei Mironov from “The Twelve Chairs” - 12 СТУЛЬЕВ ОСТАП БЕНДЕР OSTAP BENDER - YouTube, ? [action], ? [scarf];
[18] - childhood friend (real person), hitting his head furiously [action], with a book ? [object];
[26] - Macaulay Culkin, born August 26 (as a kid from Home Alone), ? [action], ? [object];
[29] - Uma Turman, born April 29, ? [action], ? [object];
[37] - Joseph Stalin, Great Purge - Wikipedia starts in 1937, ? [action], ? [object];
39 - Adolf Hitler, ? Nazi salute [action], ? swastika [object];
46 - Скрябін - Руїна [Official Video] - YouTube Skryabin (band) - Wikipedia, driving [action], a car [object];
50 - Will Smith, being electrified, or shocked [action], jelly fish [object]; Seven Pounds - Wikipedia 50 because attempt at Major System
[57] - Osama bin Laden, born 1957, ? blowing-up, exploding [action], backpack ? [object];
[58] - Michael Jackson, born 1958, ? [action], ? hat [object];
[66] - Jackie Chan, Major System, ? [action], ? [object];
70 - Rick Sanchez diving in a vat of acid;
[75] - Bradley Cooper from Limitless, year born, ? [action], ? plastic bag [object];
81 - Loki (Tom Hiddleston), year born, transforming into [action], a snake [object];
94 - John Travolta (Vincent_Vega from Pulp Fiction (1994), defecating [action], on a toilet sit [object];
[98] - Bruce Willis, major system, ? [action], ? [object];

Trying to create something with gore and adult themes, but so far can’t think about anything memorable; need to finish the first 20 as soon as possible.

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Hi, just giving my 2 cents. My PAO is not related to major system nor other association, but in one week I had it set by using a memory palace. 5 items (read numbers) per room (or piece of room). The memory palace helped me in locking those images. After you have them all start working on PI to experiment. You’ll quickly understand what to change because maybe some actions or objects are too similar
For 4 digits number I don’t have an answer related to PAO… I use the major system, it’s less confusing for me than trying to use the PAO in a different way

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but in one week I had it set

I am surprised how hard it is for me to come up with the images. The idea of probably having a need to rewrite some of my person-action-objects later feels painful. I was having trouble with 19 recently, Indiana Johns for me, and it was uncomfortable even to think about changing it to something else maybe. I watched some youtube videos from and I think Indiana would work.

5 items (read numbers) per room (or piece of room). The memory palace helped me in locking those images.

Oh, yes, thanks, that is the plan for me too. I have only vague wrong kind of a memory palace as a… how to say that in English… stairs to 9th floor in my parents’ apartment. It’s very repetitive and most of the floors are very similar, but I practiced memorizing shopping lists there, it worked ok.
I want to try to memorize a law there too ( https://archive.ph/c4aK3 - not verbatim indeed ), but not exactly sure how to do that yet. But that’s later, just creating PAO is a priority now.

start working on PI to experiment

I’ll try to memorize some Pi digits but I’d like to memorize more meaningful to me things - like phone numbers, and dates of council committees and documents and stuff like that. It’s not in any way less useless =) but I would enjoy knowing/being-able-to-remember it all fast. Or even I was paying bills today, and couldn’t remember the amount. Just now I was sure it was 1977.something but I just checked and it was 1926.77 - Indiana Jones ???[action] ???[object]. And there was a water bill with wrong amounts, - 328.67 and 48.22 - some of them wrong or maybe both. I’d love to be able to remember things like that fast and reliably, even if short-term.
I’d love to be able to memorize fast and reliably things like https://archive.ph/g7KVr - it’s just a random one … court thing (?) … № 697/628/19 and … another court thing (?) … № 2/697/35/2021and that it was registered 18.03.2021and stuff like “… according to articles 83,103,104,112,127,252 of Civil Procedure Code…”

And speaking of that I am still not sure what to do with hundreds… Coding “two-hundred fifty-two” as “two fifty-two” wouldn’t work, I think. And “two-hundred” is long in English, but not long at all in Russian or Ukrainian, it’s just “dvisty” - Вимова слова двісті: як вимовляється двісті, мова: Українська, it’s convenient to say it like that, so hundreds used a lot in spoken language.

For 4 digits number I don’t have an answer related to PAO… I use the major system

I need to think about major system too. I am afraid of mixing up languages, English, Ukrainian, Russian, and maybe even Chinese.

16 - David Bowie [person] throwing [only up, action] a doll [object] up in the air, like here Labyrinth - Magic Dance - David Bowie - YouTube

40 - Ninja Turtles, all four of them, tearing [action] pizza[object].

If it’s 7146 only, then break it into three numbers, for example 7-14-6 or 71-4-6 or 7-1-46. It will cause all kinds of problems if you leave out an object.

What about using the “stoppage object” for that? Is that a bad idea?

For now, I think that maybe I should have some “stoppage object”. For example, “sugary pink goo”. So, if Elon is driving and the wheel is covered in sticky pink goo - it’s 71-46 - and nothing after that.

And if that is only 74, I would imagine Elon Musk wearing a suit made of sticky pink goo.

I don’t have 14 yet, so let’s create it - Charlie Chaplin [person] (balancing on a rope) [action] with a rod [object], like here Charlie Chaplin´s “The Circus“ || Charlie Chaplin Movie - YouTube

7-14-6 would be [scythe] - [Charlie Chaplin] -[kettlebell], so… Charlie Chaplin holding a scythe in front of him and hiding a kettlebell behind his back? Something like that…
71-4-6 becomes [Elon Musk] - [chair] -[kettlebell]… kinda messy.

I think it would mess with the order. Or maybe I should then create PAO for all single digits too. Well, that kinda makes sense, thanks, bpinkal; I’ll try both - (pink sugary goo) [stoppage word] and PAO’s for single digits. And then whatever survives, maybe both will.

I see the problems with the pink goo though. Car plates look like “АІ 19 99 ГБ” here. Numbers would be [Indiana Jones] [gulping] [pink sugary goo]. No idea what to do with letters. But there would be too much pink goo around with car plates.

Would try 23 with Harold Loyd [person] hanging [action] from a clock [object], like here Harold Lloyd's "Safety Last"- 1923 - YouTube