2021 USA Memory Championship

The first stage of this year’s USA Memory Championship will feature Memory League!

On August 7, competitors in the USA MC will compete online in 2 Lumosity games and 3 Memory League games (Names, Numbers, and Images). The competitors with the highest overall scores will be invited to the in-person championship in Florida in October.

In Memory League, each competitor will have 2 attempts in each event, with a maximum of 5 minutes to memorize and 4 minutes to recall.

Good luck to everyone competing!


Registration is also still open! You have today at the latest to register for this qualifier (which I just did myself). Thanks for the heads up Simon.


Registered a month ago


Do you know what time it will happen?

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Thanks for the reminder, Simon. I was thinking of posting about this too a while back, but I have to work in Asia these days so couldn’t be able to follow through if qualified. (Every year something keeps me out of that contest!) Wishing my fellow Americans luck! I’d love to be be joining, but best to all of you.

James Balderston


As I understand it, the Lumosity games will be first, around 1pm East Coast time, followed by the Memory League games around 1:45pm East Coast time. Registered competitors should receive an email from the USA Memory Championship team with details soon.


Does anybody know where the published rankings are?

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The results are up now at Event Stats – USA Memory Championship®.


Seeing my Luminosity ranking and thinking it was the overall was pretty terrifying lol. Good luck to all the other finalists!

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You qualified? Awesome I gotta make sure to high 5 you and get a picture together in Orlando!

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