2021 African-European Open

Registration for the African-European Open is now open! See the World Tour page on the Memory League site for information and to register.

Registration will close at 2021-10-01T23:59:00Z, one day after the end of the Season 13 regular season.

Registered Competitors

Name Memory League Name Art of Memory Forum Name
Abderrahman Charmat Abderrahman Charmat @abderrahman1672
Abraham Saynes Jarquín Abraham Saynes @abraham
Al Houseen Hekal Al Houseen Hekal @Alhouseen
Andrea Muzii Andrea Muzii @AndreaMuzii
Andreas Weißmann Helianthus :sunflower: @Helianthus
Andrej Savickij Andrej Savickij (Latvia) @Sava
Anton Tkachenko Tony Tkachenko @Tony_Tkachenko
Bastian Wiederhold Bruce W. @Bruce99
Ben Pridmore Ben Pridmore @Zoomy
Boris Konrad Boris Konrad @Boris
Céline De Luca Céline De Luca @CelineDL
Egor Eremenko Egor Eremenko @Egor_Eremenko
Emanuele Regnani Ema3ma @EmanueleRegnani
Evgeny Stanichnikov Evgeny Stanichnikov @Stanichnikov
Gayane Kuryatova Gayane Kuryatova @Gayankaa
Guillaume Petit-Jean Guillaume Petit-Jean @guillaumepetitjean
Ilya Gubenko Ilya Gubenko @Ilya_Gubenko
Jacques Pécome daoud74 @daoud74
Jambal-Ochir jamka @jamka
Jan Zoń Jan Zoń @zonjan
Johannes Mallow Johannes Mallow @Hannes
Juan Pablo Duque Juan Duque @juanpabloduque
Kaori Arai kaoritchi @kaoritchi
Katie Kermode Katie Kermode :rainbow: @katiek
Kevin Schulz Kevin Schulz @Philodoof
Lian Amir Lianamir82 @lianamir1
Maksymilian Kozłowicz Maxxx @comeon
Max Dietl Max Dietl @MaxiDi
Melanie Höllein Melanie Höllein @Mely
Mihail Goryachev Voevoda @Voevoda
Mohamed Hossam MOHAMED HOSSAM @Mohamedhossam
Mohamed Khamis MOHAMEDKHAMEES @elserwey
Mohamed Ramadan Mohamed Ramadan @Mohamed22
Munkhzaya zaya @zayaakk
Myagmarsuren miigaa @myagmarsuren
Naoki Miwa Naoki Miwa @NaokiMiwa
Niklas Månsson :fire:𝓝𝓲𝓴𝓵𝓪𝓼 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷𝓢𝓾𝓷 :fire: :yin_yang: 19s Names :two::one::sparkles: @NiklasMoonsun
Nomin-Erdene 𝓝𝓸𝓶𝓲𝓸 @Nomin-Erdene
Orkhan Ibadov Orkhan Ibadov @Orxan
Oyun Erdene Oyn Erdn @OynErdn
Rowaa’ Ashraf ROWAA’ @Rowaa
Ryo Kobayashi koba @koba
Saranchimeg Saranchimeg @Saranchimeg
Sayaka Hokazono Sayaka Hokazono @SayakaHokazono
Simon Reinhard Simon Reinhard @SimonReinhard
Sven Wetzel QuaraMan @QuaraMan
Tsatsral Tsogtbayar tsatsa @sasakaa
Vishvaa Rajakumar Vishvaa @vishvaavishvaa1
Yasuhira Yamaguchi Yas @Yas

I don’t know yet whether it will be possible for me to attend, because I will be in rehab at that time. Can I still register and withdraw if I can’t participate from there?

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@Philodoof Sure, we should be able to find a replacement competitor if you can’t participate.


Just a reminder that today is the last day to register for the African-European Open! The qualifiers will start next week.

Registration is via the World Tour page here: Memory League

Tagging the competitors from the last two Slams:

@a.l @aavashkafle @abderrahman1672 @AlexM @Alhouseen @BG960 @Bigdonnyv @Boji @BradenExplosion @Brainrunning @Christian @ClayKnight @DanEvans @daoud74 @DavidCantor @DianaAcevedo @FrankGrube @FlorianMinges @fujishu @GayankaA @GregorioGarces @guillaumepetitjean @JHB @juanpabloduque @kaoritchi @KAZUKI @LarsChristiansen @Likewater @Maichel @mauriciog021 @myelife @NaokiMiwa @NiklasMoonsun @Nkriv @Puje @Rafiki @Rowaa @Santiago.lorenzo.p @Sarojmote @Shasan @shijir-erdene @Stanichnikov @Sylle @Takeru @tomhn999 @Upendi @yassojudo2007


Have only a final step left with the registration. Of course I want to join in! :slight_smile:

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I need to leave the registration open a little longer because I forgot to check the under-18 requests yesterday, and need to allow time for them to register after parental consent. So @NiklasMoonsun, you still have time!


Glad to be in! :slight_smile:

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@Hannes @Orxan @Boris @Mohamed22 @comeon @Philodoof @Rowaa @Zoomy @guillaumepetitjean @CelineDL @Ilya_Gubenko @abderrahman1672 @EmanueleRegnani @MaxiDi @Sava @NiklasMoonsun @kaoritchi @Gayankaa @Alhouseen @daoud74 @juanpabloduque @Egor_Eremenko @Helianthus @SayakaHokazono @Tony_Tkachenko @QuaraMan @Yas @Voevoda @abraham @Mely @Stanichnikov @sasakaa @jamka @Saranchimeg @OynErdn @Nomin-Erdene @Mohamedhossam @elserwey @myagmarsuren @zayaakk @lianamir1 @koba @vishvaavishvaa1 @zonjan @NaokiMiwa @SimonReinhard @Bruce99 @AndreaMuzii @katiek

Hi all,

Welcome to the Qualifiers for the African-European Open!

Please read the following information about the tournament.


If you haven’t previously done so, please send me a photo of yourself for the championship pages. You can do this in a private message here in the forum, or email it to [email protected].


You can see who you are matched up against here: Memory League

Due to the number of competitors, there is only one match in round 1, and everyone else has a bye.

When you have a match coming up, you will see a “Scheduling” tab on the African-European Open page. There you can indicate your available times during the week so you can find a time that works for you and your opponent. There will also be a link to a private message in the forum to arrange the match time. When you have agreed on a time, enter it on the Scheduling page so the match appears on the home page.

At the scheduled time, the first player named should challenge the second player using their Memory League name, and choose the African-European Open option for the game type.


For rounds 1 and 2, there will not be a supervisor and Zoom call for each match. Instead, competitors should record a video of themselves playing their match. You can use a phone or other device to do this. Make sure it is plugged in, has sufficient storage space, and will not make any sounds that may disturb you. The camera should be positioned such that your face, your hands and your screen are visible, as shown on page 4 of the World Tour rules.

After the match, upload your video to Dropbox - Submit files. Your video will only be available to the tournament supervisors.

Let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Good luck everyone!


Hi @Simon,

I see on the linked Memory Page the data from the last Qualify/ last Final.

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Thanks Simon ! FYI, I believe the link to see who we are matched up against redirects to the old open page.

Sorry, fixed now!


Hi Everyone
I apologize for saying that
There are no rules for placing players outside the league and no random drawing for them
Because they may be very strong and it is unfair to put them in this way and I asked before to make at least a random drawing for them and it was promised to do so, but it did not happen
Therefore, I announce my withdrawal from the Pan African European Open
I appreciate all your efforts and wish you a great tournament
See you in the next tournaments

In a way it is not that bad for players outside the league (=the ones usually not participating in league matches). They get to play more matches, thus having more occasions to experience the joy of memory games in a competition.

That is the more joyful side to it. More practical is, since players outside the league don’t play as often as the ones in the league, they have to play more matches in such events as 2021 African European Open.

Also, having them play more matches is a great way to make sure they know how to handle the platform correctly, meaning they know how to set 3 cards instead of 2, 6 digits instead of 3, according to their preferences.


Hi Mohamed,
I know what you are feeling. I think the same that before Qualifiers there should be a live broadcast of the draw of players for the tournament bracket. Please don’t withdraw from the tournament, you can advance to the final bracket for sure.


Hi Jan,
thanks for your support
The truth is, I objected to this method since the Pan American Open, the first slam tournament during the year, and I suggested doing a live draw at least so that no one would object. The response was that next time we will do that and I played despite that and nothing changed the next time or the next.
The truth is that I feel frustrated and see that no matter what I do, there is no way to reach the finals because in the end I will clash with a player who has not played in the League, perhaps stronger than some of the competitors who qualified directly, and I do not like to see myself subjected to this injustice for the third time.
I really appreciate all the efforts made during this year by the organizers, and I know that they are doing a lot of work for this great event, but I’m sorry, I have never in my life faced any competition of any kind that is dealt with in this way that contradicts transparency and fairness, despite the existence of opportunities for modification, but This did not happen despite the presence of other modifications
In fact, I am very surprised
How is something so dangerous that hasn’t been modified after the pan American open
As I said, and I assure my respect and appreciation for everyone and I support them and all the participants to enjoy and perform a wonderful competition

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I think it would be fair for all the Slam members who did not participate in the last season to play the first round among themselves. This will make league participation more inviting as a reward for working during the season.

Nowadays it is fashionable to call the rules fair only for those who have not played in the season.


Hi all,

Thank you for the comments and a big thank you to @Simon for taking care of the draw.

Some points have been raised in that regard. My personal opinion would be the following: First, please let me guide your attention to p. 14 of the Rules which reads:

"Seeding for Round 1 is done according to the following order:

• Seeding phase 1: seeding will first be done according to SSL (Season Scores
Leaderboard) ranking.

• Seeding phase 2: the players who do not have an SSL ranking will be seeded
according to their ML Leaderboard ranking.

• Seeding phase 3: the players who neither have an SSL ranking nor an ML
Leaderboard ranking will be randomly seeded. "

These rules have not remained unchanged since the beginning but were modified according to athlete input.

According to Simon Orton, all players were seeded according to seeding phase 1 (SSL) and 2 (Leaderboard) and nobody was randomly placed, which means that with the help of the SSL of season 13 and with the roster of all people registered for the Slam/Qualifier, everybody could have determined that draw by themselves beforehand, with no random element or arbitrary grouping. I hope this satisfies the above pleas for transparency.

These seeding rules have been, as far as I know, chosen to take into account different levels of strength with different benchmarks as long as the world ranking was not solid enough to be a clear indicator. SSL and Leaderboard seemed like the two best-suited indicators there.

It is my understanding that the SSL is considered to be superior in that regard because it reflects the strength in a more recent and more thought-through fashion and because the results come from official season matches and not from unofficial matches. Hopefully this satisfies the point of fairness that was mentioned. A full randow draw on the other hand would not really lead to fair results in our opinion but to … random ones.

Of course, one might discuss whether it might have also made sense to somehow take it into account if a player does not have a recent SSL, but a past one and whether to use that one to already place them during seeding phase 1 (SSL). This might be done in future iterations (and there are also still ongoing discussions about the present case in that regard).

So, maybe all this has illustrated that

a) there were transparent rules in place,
b) that much thought went into trying to make things fair,
c) that rules were adapted and not left unchanged since the first Slam,
d) that the Tour is a work in progress by all the people involved who are working hard to provide you a good experience.

And in the end (slightly tongue-in-cheek but surely not false): nobody is guaranteed any outcome, you still have to play your matches and sometimes the opponents are harder, sometimes they are easier.

Best wishes to all participants of the Qualifier, have fun and thanks for your valuable input, and also again a huge thank you to Simon Orton and the team for all the hard work! :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone
Thanks, Simon for your clarification
These rules can also be as follows:
All players are placed in one ranking based on their results in the League. If they do not have results, we depend on their rank in the ML Leaderboard. Thus, a player who has not played in the League can advance to the final stage of the qualifiers, and everyone will be distributed in one ranking based on the strength
This is what we always play with
if we did not want to rely on the results of the ML Leaderboard because they may not be transparent. We also cannot rely on the results of the League starting from the third division because they play without the camera and their results also may not be transparent.
But to put a different classification, one for the league players and another for players outside the league, and then put them in a row
For example, if we had 30 players who played the league and 10 did not play the league, the strongest person among the players who did not play the league will be No. 31, which could be No. 1 if we take into account his results and strength
Is this a rule that can be worked out to have fair competition?
If the matter is that the amendment will be made the next time, it has been repeated twice before, and people have been subjected to clear injustice because of that rule, and the amendment has not been made to this rule, and this distribution
I know that this year in general, things will not be perfect, and I know that we will learn a lot from the experience, and what forced me to speak louder this time is to repeat the problem, otherwise, I would have objected in this way from the first time
Does that not require us to stop to amend the unjust rules? I don’t think there is anyone here who would refuse that fair competition be achieved for all.
thanks, everyone


I think the main frustration is that players are starting to think that except top 8 who advances to the final immediately, being 9 or 42 doesn’t make much difference. If we had one more player in SSL then Yasuhira would be playing with Max Kozłowicz, if 5 more players then Yasuhira would be playing with Johannes Mallow who is on a lower position than him in the Leaderboard while player like Johannes should have theoretically the easiest match. People who did not play in the league should eliminate themselves, not others who tried to be in the place they won.


Yes. So I suggested holding a competition in one or two rounds between all those who did not participate in the season, but want to participate in the Slam, in one. This will make it clear that not all of them will be able to move on. And the participants who passed this test can be qualified as strong and placed in weaker branches of qualification.