2020 New World Record “ history and dates (fictional)&name and faces”

Guys this is unbeliveable,and i have to say iit scared me a lot. 241 dates in 5min, approximate 1.42 sec per dates

At least 723 numbers (if she use three digits) and 241 words. (Right now five minutes record of speed number is 640 by Qinru Wei 2018, and 5min is 125 by Mallow)Do you guys have any hint about how she made it?


For real?!?!?!

For words, it was probably the 15-minute event they had, right?

Emma scored 410 Words in 15 Minutes it says on their website. She was a beast, breaking some world records that I didn’t think would be touched for some time.

Yeah you right. So sorry maybe i mix it up. Cuz for history and dates, for each dates, it has a four digits number and a long sentences. But this discipline is 5 mins, it looks like a combination of five minute number and words.

I am not sure whether this looks like possible for the some top competitors in memory league. Cuz they are doing 50sec to remember 50 words, it seemed able to work out if remember 410 correctly in 15mins?

410 words in 15 minutes doesn’t shock me as much as 241 (!!) dates in 5 minutes. That’s a huge outlier!

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She is good at what she does! Congratulation to her. Great achievement…


She wasn’t the one achieving the 241-date score though. It was one of her teammates.

A 60% improvement over the past record! Anyone?

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Amazing! But this might not count into the formal record directly. Cuz this match was held up through the wire.

241 is also such an amazing record, maybe we need to train both memorizing skills and speed reading.