2019 USA Memory Championship

Hey all thought I would start a thread for this year’s USA Memory Championship. Currently there is no news on it but if anyone has any updates of info please let me know




if you hear anything about it, let me know, I have been checking the website each day to see if the registration has started again, I assume that it the way to register as it was the same for last year, thank again

They don’t typically release information about the event this early in the year. I wouldn’t expect something for at least a month or two.

The 2019 USA Memory Championship will be held on April 27, 2019, at Penn State’s Harrisburg, PA campus.

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thank you, hope to see you there

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Changed to Sunday, April 28, 2019. Same location.

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any idea when the registration will take place, the website has not been updated yet, let me know if you hear anything, thanks

I haven’t heard anything about the registration yet, but I’ll post as soon as I know.

they should stream it on twitch

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Or a similar platform, but yes, they should stream it somewhere.

Here’s the link to the registration: https://form.jotform.com/90566808679172?fbclid=IwAR347haGg8cWwg46k1Kb8h7CdfOzhtYaONjZZ5eTyFdpjaOdDFbP5jEPhyE


REGISTERED! Thanks for the heads up Tracy, who else will be there!?

I don’t really know yet. You and I are the only ones I know for sure. It seems Daniel up above is interested. Kyle usually wants to go. Johnny B. is going to a competition in Japan, so won’t be going to the USA championship.

NICE new website: www.usamemorychampionship.com

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lol they removed the entire section of RECORDS…

They know that you’re going to shatter them all next month, so why spend all the extra effort if they’re just gonna have to change them all.

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well, I signed up and registered by paying the initial fee by using Pay Pal, any idea if we are staying at a hotel as the competition is being held on a college campus? Was just wondering, did not hear back from the committee yet, hope to see you guys there, take care

Let us hope they go back to issuing Medals to the Top 3 in each event and not the nonsense they had last year where everyone who participated got one and the Top Performers got a piece of paper and not even an ounce of recognition.

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Here is some information for spectators.

Anyone knows if the results are up somewhere?

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