2018 Japan Memory League Championship

Hi all,

The Japan Memory League Championship is coming up on December 22, organized by @Takeru Aoki and sponsored by Red Bull.

It’s a one-day competition with 8 invited and qualifying competitors:

  • Naoya Hirata - 2018 Japan champion
  • Yuzuki Takaoka - 2018 Japan kids champion
  • Hirokazu Kamicho - 2018 Japan 3rd place
  • Anastasia Woolmer - 2017 Australian champion
  • Ho Chun Lin - 2017 Taiwan champion
  • Min Kyeong Chan - 2018 South Korea kids 3rd place
  • Masayuki Wada - qualifier 1st place
  • Hiromitsu Hishida - qualifer 2nd place

See more on Takeru’s cool site here: https://jmlc2018.jmsc.info/

Takeru is planning to broadcast the championship live on YouTube - I’ll post the link here when known.


Less than 24 hours until the championship!

Here is the YouTube live link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAdpmK2Vlnk

This link is also on the Memory League home page.


The live stream is on now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAdpmK2Vlnk

It looks great!