2017 US Championships When and Where?

(Neil Kutzen) #1

Can someone please tell me if and when there will be US Championships? I can’t find any info anywhere. Yet its supposed to be March 2017, somewhere


If the website doesn’t have it, then there is no information about it.

(Fuchsia Pseudonym) #3

Last year’s US championship was in early May, I believe. I know Nelson Dellis couldn’t compete because he was attempting Mt. Everest again.

(Josh Cohen) #4

See the 2017 USA Memory Championship calendar page.


Still nothing at all on their website about what happened on May 20 in PA, where they had a high-school team competition. Nelson Dellis told me Hershey High School won (no surprise there). But judging by their website you’d think the event didn’t even occur. C’mon guys!


Does anyone have any updates? The site still just says late 2017/early 2018. I’m sure at this point late 2017 isn’t going to happen.


I am likewise curious.


They are doing things a lot differently. On March 17, 2018, in Harrisburg, PA, there will be a team competition, but in parallel to that will be qualifying for individual mental athletes, with the top 7 advancing to the finals, which will be held on July 14, 2018, at MIT in Boston, MA. Details here: http://www.usamemorychampionship.com/


Thanks for the update Tracy. I’m assuming I’ll see you there. :slight_smile:


Yes! Looking forward to it, and it’ll be good to see you again.


Hey guys I will be there as well!